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John Steinbecks East of Eden - A Study in Human Development Essay

East of Eden A study in kind-hearted outgrowth The characteristics of people are formed by multiple factors. In umpteen situations, children are raised under similar conditions, however, their later characteristics and t single choices are very different. In the book, East of Eden, author flush toilet Steinbeck explores the development of humans, from childhood, to adulthood, and eventually, to death. East of Eden, by John Steinbeck, is a genealogical novel close to the lives of the Trasks, particularly the main character in the book, Adam Trask. Along the way, the Hamiltons, Ames, and many other characters are introduced. Steinbeck makes a point of showing the continually ever-changing nature of some characters, while describing the ceaseless staticness of others. In East of Eden, John Steinbeck presents his views on the construction of human behavior and the components that are incorporated in it. Setting is an important element in East of Eden. Described are beautiful, pan oramical views of the surrounding landscapes of the Salinas Valley, California. The Salinas Valley . . . is a swale between two ranges of mountains. . . . . On the coarse level acres of the valley, the topsoil lays deep and fertile. . . . . Under the live oaks, shaded and dusky, the maidenhair fern flourished and gave a good smell, and under the mossy banks of the watercourses whole clumps of five-fingered ferns and goldy-backs hung down (Steinbeck p. 480). Steinbeck because goes on to describe the human history of these areas. The groups of peoples that lived there are set forth in sweeping generalizations. First there were Indians, an inferior breed without energy, inventiveness, or culture . . . their warfare was a weary pantomime. Then the hard, dry Spaniards came explor... ...dies the captain Hebrew text and finds that the verb used there is timshel. Timshels literal side of meat translation is thou mayest. During the course of the book, Steinbeck transforms the word into a metaphor for a style of living. It comes to describe the freedom of choice in ones life. Steinbeck recognizes the fact that ones environment can affect them. However, he also recognizes one can work with what they are given and make the exceed of it. Steinbeck best sums up these views in a dialog between Samuel and Adam. You cant make a racehorse of a pig, said Adam. No, said Samuel, still you can make a very fast pig (659). industrial plant CitedSteinbeck, John. The Grapes of Wrath, The Moon is Down, Cannery Row, East of Eden, Of Mice and Men. New York Heinemann/Octopus, 1979. pp.475 - 896. Steinbeck, John. East of Eden. New York Viking, 1952.

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Caring for Children

For unit 8 you must(prenominal) put together a portfolio of research into a number of diametric topics as indicated by the headings below. The portfolio should include rate of flow and pertinent research, info and materials from a variety of sources, refer to child climb upment and identify, where appropriate, the relevance of current legislation.The portfolio may include documents generated through different sights of your influence such(prenominal) as action plans, curriculum and routine plans, notes of activities, images, audio files, narrative accounts, media some other than text, reports and boonations, leaflets, booklets, diaries and other suitable modalitys of showing research teaching and materials.Throughout the portfolio you should look into that you address diversity and inclusive physical exercise where appropriate for the task.You may economic consumption appropriate materials from this portfolio to contribute towards your external Research assessment t ask.Portfolio ContentE1 Collate demonstration which describes the role of the practitioner in caring for children (Gather and present cultivation close the role of the practitioner when caring for children. This could include meeting the needs and supporting(a) the rights of children, hold uping with their families, working in a team and with other professionals, complaisance with legal requirements, sustentation of themselves (the practitioner), training and learning, attitudes/values of practitioners, inclusive practice).A1 embroil a reflective account of the role of the practitioner in caring for children (Develop the information gathered for E1 and use your experiences to consider and show sagaciousness of your practice in caring for children.Use this reflection to suggest appropriate ways you could stimulate your role as a practitioner when working with children).E2 Collate information about how care for children may be provided within families and society (Gather and present information about the many different ways children are cared for by families and by society. This may include types of family care plus the put of statutory, voluntary, clannish and independent settings)E3 Include bear witness which compares the differing roles of statutory, private, voluntary and independent settings (Provide evidence that looks at the roles of statutory, private, voluntary and independent settings that care for children their master(prenominal) differences and similarities. > Statutory provided by the state, e.g. schoolsPrivate businesses that forge a profit, e.g. private day nurseries > Voluntary national and local organisations e.g. set up and toddler groups > Independent e.g. pre-preparatory settings kindergartens).E4 Include a summary of the main regulations that reign the care of children in different types of settings (State in a concise way the main regulations that regulate and control the care of children in a range of settin gs, eg Children Act 2004. The main points of this act that regulates care of children are.)C1 Analyse how the main regulations can influence the provision of care. (A development of E4. Consider how the main regulations and controls you identify in E4 can influence the provision of care available for children)E5 Include TWO (2) activities which will each support and maintain a different aspect of the daily care of children (Include a description of TWO (2) suitable activities. Each activity should support and maintain a different aspect of the daily care of children)E6 Include an explanation of the key issues which enable multi-professional teams to work together (Give details of the main factors that enable teams of professionals with different expertise to work successfully together, eg It is essential to respect and value the knowledge and skills of other professionals because.)B1 label ways to work effectively in multi-professional teams to support the care of children ( A deve lopment of E6. A detailed consideration and reasoned judgements of the issues (described in E6), to find out support for children through successful multi- professional teams. Discussion of the effectiveness of ways could include advantages and disadvantages of multi- professional teams, overcoming barriers to communication, consultation, and holistic approach to care of children, reflective practice.E7 Provide evidence of current and relevant research throughout the portfolio (This amount will be met if work is supported by appropriate references to current and relevant research).D1 Provide evidence to show how knowledge of child development can contribute to the recognition of childrens care needs Supply evidence of how knowledge of child development helps the practitioner recognise individual childrens care needs. This may include reliable and valid assessments of individual children, use of developmental norms, knowledge of age/stage appropriate care, prediction of next stages , understanding differences and valuing diversity, influences on development, the particular needs of individual children.D2 Discuss TWO (2) strategies for amend your own learning and performance (Think about and provide detailed information about two different ways you can improve and develop your own learning and performance) .E8 Show an understanding of diversity and inclusive practice (This criterion will be met if work in the portfolio demonstrates that all children and their families should shoot their individual rights and needs identified and met).E9 Include references and bibliography (At least TWO (2) references must be made in the text to relevant books, articles, magazines or weathervane sites. These are sources of information and the sources used should be listed at the end of the designation in a bibliography. Sources of background reading can also be included in the bibliography. For more information, see CACHE Finding the Level.

Wine History

Brief Exercise 1-3 Your set is correct. Indicate in which part of the pedagogy of funds flows to individually one item would appear operate activities, investment funds activities, or backing activities. (a) in operation(p) activities silver certain from customers. (b) financial support activities silver stipendiary to stockholders (dividends). (c) Financing activities notes standard from issuing new park stock. (d) in operation(p) activities bills paying to suppliers. (e) Investing activities coin paying to purchase a new office building. Brief Exercise 1-6 Your wait on is correct. Eskimo Pie Corporation markets a broad range of frozen treats, including its famous Eskimo Pie ice cream bars. The next items were taken from a recent income statement and relief shroud. In each case, identify whether the item would appear on the commensurateness sheet or income statement. (a) Income debate Income tax outgo (b) rat io sheet of paper Inventories (c) Balance sheet of paper Accounts collectible (d) Balance Sheet maintained shekels (e) Balance Sheet Property, plant, and equipment f) Income pedagogy pelf sales (g) Income Statement Cost of goods sold (h) Balance Sheet honey oil stock (i) Balance Sheet Receivables (j) Income Statement engage depreciate Brief Exercise 1-7 Your answer is correct. Indicate which statement you would hear to find each of the future(a) items income statement, balance sheet, hold earnings statement, or statement of hard cash flows. (a) Income statement Revenue during the peak. (b) Balance sheet Supplies on hand at the end of the twelvecalendar month. c) Statement of cash flows cash in true from issuing new bonds during the period. (d) Balance sheet natural debts outstanding at the end of the period. Brief Exercise 1-10 Your answer is correct. Indicate whether ea ch of these items is an asset, a liability, or part of stockholders equity. (a) Asset Accounts receivable (b) Liability Salaries and reward collectable (c) Asset Equipment (d) Asset Supplies (e) Stockholders truth Common stock (f) Liability Notes payable Exercise 1-3 Your answer is correct. The Fair View Golf & field Club details the following accounts in its financial statements. (a) Classify each of the following accounts as an asset, liability, stockholders equity, revenue, or expense item. (b) Classify each of the following accounts as a financing practise, investing activity, or operating activity. (a) (b) Accounts payable Liability operating(a) activity Accounts receivable Asset Operating activity Equipment Asset Investing activity Sales revenue Revenue Operating activity Service revenue Revenue Operating activity ancestry Asset Operating activity Mortgage payable Liability Financin g activity Supplies expense Expense Operating activity Rent expense Expense Operating activity Salaries and wages expense Expense Operating activity Exercise 1-4 This information relates to Alexis Co. for the year 2012. hold earnings, January 1, 2012 $91,582 Advertising expense 2,460 Dividends paid during 2012 8,201 Rent expense 14,216 Service revenue 79,280 Utilities expense 3,281 Salaries and wages expense 41,007 *(a1) Your answer is correct. After analyzing the data, prep ar an income statement for the year closing curtain declination 31, 2012. ALEXIS CO. Income Statement For the class stop December 31, 2012 Revenues $ 79280 Expenses $ 2460 14216 3281 41007 sum of money Expenses 60964 scratch Income / (Loss) $ 18316 Attempts 1 of 5 utilise *(a2) Your answer is correct. After analyzing the data, prepare a retained earnings statement for the year ending December 31, 2012. (List items that subjoin retai ned earnings first. ) ALEXIS CO. hold Earnings Statement For the course of study Ended December 31, 2012Retained Earnings, January 1 $ 91582 Add nett Income / (Loss) 18316 109898 little Dividends 8201 Retained Earnings, December 31 $ 101697 Exercise 1-6 Presented here is information for Packee Inc. for 2012. Retained earnings, January 1 $132,821 Revenue from legal services 408,680 Total expenses 178,798 Dividends 66,411 *(a1) Your answer is correct. Calculate the realize income. $ 229882 Attempts 1 of 5 used *(a2) Your answer is correct. Prepare the 2012 retained earnings statement for Packee Inc. (List items that increase retained earnings first. ) PACKEE INC.Retained Earnings Statement For the Year Ended December 31, 2012 Retained Earnings, January 1 $ 132821 Add net income Income / (Loss) 229882 362703 Less Dividends $ 66411 Retained Earnings, December 31 $ 296292 Exercise 1-10 Deer Track third estate is a private camping ground near the Lathom Peak sport Area. It has compiled the following financial information as of December 31, 2012. Revenues during 2012 camping fees $162,796 Dividends $11,101 Revenues during 2012 frequent store 30,833 Notes payable 61,665 Accounts payable 13,566 Expenses during 2012 155,396 currency 10,483 Supplies 6,783Equipment 140,596 Common stock 49,332 Retained earnings (1/1/2012) 6,167 *(a) Your answer is correct. Determine Deer Track puts discharge income for 2012. Deer Track Parks net income for 2012 $ 38233 Attempts 1 of 5 used *(b1) Your answer is correct. Prepare a retained earnings statement for Deer Track Park year end December 31, 2012. (List items that increase retained earnings first. ) DEER TRACK jet Retained Earnings Statement For the Year Ended December 31, 2012 Retained Earnings, January 1 $ 6167 Add sort out Income / (Loss) 38233 44400 Less Dividends 11101 Retained Earnings, December 31 $ 33299 Attempts 1 of 5 used *(b2) Your answer is correct. Prepare a balance sheet for Deer Track Park as of December 31, 2012. (List assets in order of liquidity. ) DEER TRACK PARK Balance Sheet December 31, 2012 Assets $ 10483 6783 140596 Total Assets $ 157862 Liabilities and Stockholders Equity Liabilities $ 13,566 61,665 Total Liabilities $ 75231 Stockholders Equity 49332 33299 Total Stockholders Equity 82631 Total Liabilities and Stockholders Equity $ 157862 Exercise 1-12 This information is for OBrien Corporation for the year cease December 31, 2012. Cash veritable from lenders $18,100 Cash received from customers 45,610 Cash paid for new equipment 29,940 Cash dividends paid 6,100 Cash paid to suppliers 15,220 Cash balance 1/1/12 11,190 *(a) Your answer is correct. Prepare the 2012 statement of cash flows for OBrien Corporation. (List negative criterions either with a negative target anteced ent the arrive e. . -15,000 or in parenthesis e. g. (15,000). ) OBRIEN CORPORATION Statement of Cash Flows For the Year Ended December 31, 2012 Cash flows from operating activities Cash received from customers $ 45610 Cash paid to suppliers (15220) Net cash provided by operating activities $ 30390 Cash flows from investing activities Cash paid for new equipment (29940) Net cash used by investing activities (29940) Cash flows from financing activities Cash received from lenders 18100 Cash dividends paid (6100) Net cash provided by financing activities 12000 Net increase in cash 12450 Cash at beginning of period 11190 Cash at end of period $ 23640 Exercise 1-13 The following data are derived from the 2009 financial statements of sou-west Airlines. All dollars are in millions. Southwest has a December 31 year-end. Cash balance, January 1, 2009 $1,390 Cash paid for quittance of debt 122 Cash received from issuance of common stock 144 Cash received from issuance of long-term debt 500 Cash received from customers 9,823 Cash paid for property and equipment 1,529 Cash paid for dividends 14 Cash paid for repurchase of common stock 1,001Cash paid for goods and services 6,978 (a) Your answer is correct. After analyzing the data, prepare a statement of cash flows for Southwest Airlines for the year ended December 31, 2009. (List negative amounts either with a negative sign preceding the number e. g. -15,000 or in parenthesis e. g. (15,000). ) SOUTHWEST AIRLINES Statement of Cash Flows For the Year Ended December 31, 2009 (in millions) Cash flows from operating activities Cash received from customers $ 9823 Cash paid for goods and services (6978) Net cash provided by operating activities $ 2845 Cash flows from investing activities Cash paid for property and equipment (1529) Net cash used by investing activities (1529) Cash flows from financing activities Cash received from issuance of common stock 144 Cash received from issuance of long-term debt 500 Cash paid for repayment of debt (122) Cash paid for repurchase of common stock (1001) Cash paid for dividends (14) Net cash used by financing activities (493) Net increase in cash 823 Cash at beginning of period 1390 Cash at end of period $ 2213 Problem 1-3A On June 1, Beardsley Service Co. was started with an initial enthronement in the company of $22,450 cash. Here are the assets and liabilities of the company at June 30, and the revenues and expenses for the month of June, its first month of operations Cash $ 5,362 Notes payable $13,524 Accounts receivable 4,257 Accounts payable 757 Service revenue 8,262 Supplies expense 1,015 Supplies 2,385 Maintenance and repairs expense 615 Advertising expense 400 Utilities expense 285 Equipment 26,762 Salaries and wages expense 2,162In June, the company issued no additional stock, but paid dividends of $1,750. *(a1) Your answer is correct. Pre pare an income statement for the month of June. BEARDSLEY serve up CO. Income Statement For the Month Ended June 30, 2012 Revenues $ 8262 Expenses $ 1015 285 2162 400 615 Total Expenses 4477 Net Income / (Loss) $ 3785 Attempts 2 of 5 used *(a2) Your answer is correct. Prepare a retained earnings statement for the month of June. (List items that increase retained earnings first. BEARDSLEY SERVICE CO. Retained Earnings Statement For the Month Ended June 30, 2012 Retained Earnings, June 1 $ 0 Add Net Income / (Loss) 3785 3785 Less Dividends 1750 Retained Earnings, June 30 $ 2035 Attempts 3 of 5 used *(a3) Your answer is correct. Prepare a balance sheet at June 30, 2012. (List assets in order of liquidity. ) BEARDSLEY SERVICE CO. Balance Sheet June 30, 2012 Assets $ 5362 4257 2385 26762 Total Assets $ 38766 Liabilities and Stockholders EquityLiabilities $ 13524 757 Total Liabilit ies $ 14281 Stockholders Equity 22450 2035 Total Stockholders Equity 24485 Total Liabilities and Stockholders Equity $ 38766 Problem 1-4A Presented below is selected financial information for Yvonne Corporation for December 31, 2012. size up $ 25,600 Cash paid to purchase equipment $ 11,010 Cash paid to suppliers 103,180 Equipment 42,710 Building 200,000 Revenues 100,360Common stock 50,470 Cash received from customers 132,620 Cash dividends paid 6,620 Cash received from issuing common stock 22,080 *(a) Your answer is correct. Prepare the statement of cash flows for Yvonne Corporation. (List negative amounts either with a negative sign preceding the number e. g. -15,000 or in parenthesis e. g. (15,000). ) YVONNE CORPORATION Statement of Cash Flows For the Year Ended December 31, 2012 Cash flows from operating activities Cash received from customers $ 132620 Cash paid to suppliers (103180) Net cash provided by opera ting activities $ 29440 Cash flows from investing activities Cash paid to purchase equipment (11010) Net cash used by investing activities (11010) Cash flows from financing activities Cash received from issuing common stock 22080 Cash dividends paid (6620) Net cash provided by financing activities 15460 Net increase in cash $ 33890 *Brief Exercise 1-8 Your answer is correct. Use the basic accounting equation to answer these questions. a) The liabilities of Daley Company are $94,430 and the stockholders equity is $266,600. What is the amount of Daley Companys add together assets? Total assets $ 361030 (b) The descend assets of Laven Company are $175,700 and its stockholders equity is $81,800. What is the amount of its total liabilities? Total liabilities $ 93900 (c) The total assets of Peterman Co. are $910,700 and its liabilities are equal to one fourth of its total assets. What is the amount of Peterman Co. s stockholders equity? Stockholders equit y $ 683025 Question Attempts 1 of 5 used

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Far from the madding crowd Essay

This shews that hardy thinks bask is based upon nonethelessts like How repelling she exclaimed, and clutched him by the sleeve. Gabriel turned, and steadied her on her aerial perch by property her arm this shews that she can dep turn back on oak tree and trust him and. BOLDWOOD chapter 31, In farmer Boldwood, hardy presents a love that is obsessive and deranged. His unreasoning loyalty to Bathsheba is described as a fond madness. In chapter31 Boldwood confronts Bathsheba and we understandably see a desperate man. He is desperate man because he is forgeting to kill for a woman who thinks of him as she never had you. When it is finish up that she had she did more than equitable lead him on she made and broke a promise of not seeing nay one else and broke her sound out by saying that she would not marry him, What you call encouragement was the puerile game of an idle minute. In this Boldwood deeply blames Bathsheba for how bad he feels. In this scene Boldwood does try very hard to keep take inled and he even refers to Bathsheba as darling when she has done so much impose on _or_ oppress to him. Hardy describes Boldwood as desperate he does this to show an erratic and capricious natures only if have an undying devotion to Bathsheba.He describes Gabriel oak tree as solid he say this to give an impression of consistency and dependability and predictable. Hardy makes that intimate to show the different in the graphemes of love in the 2 suitors she refused them both and the difference surrounded by the two men is the mode they react to situation. BOLDWOOD MEETS TROY chapter 34, More everyplace, when Boldwood meets troy in chapter 34 it shows yet other sign of love more of a fancy, want for sex type of love emitted by troy weight. That is a huge contrast to Boldwood who has a type of utterly devoted desperate love.Hardy compares troy weight and Boldwood because he wants to show that he can show that both are fond of Bathsheba but some(a) much more hardy uses words like reprimand may cry to describe Troy and much more regnant words like over whamming to describe Hardys point on love is it comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can differ as much as it does between Boldwoods and Troys does. sergeant-at-law TROY chapter 28, Furthermore Troy is a reckless yet charismatic character. He appears brash and direct his unpredictable and shifting nature is all the way evident in his relationship with nooky.Troys sedation and discussion of Bathsheba is at that placefore, anticipated. In chapter 28 Troy had lead Bathsheba into a small-secluded area of a field where Troy enticed and teased Bathsheba. By showing off his sword play or his dexterity as hardy dedicate its temps Bathsheba to even kiss Troy. There is a lot of meaning behind this chapter, and it has relevancy through out the whole book hardy really tries to put as much emphasis on the atmosphere as likely and the feel of the read he says words like scarlet fe verishness and fever implies it to be hot and bothered.Hardy really ties to show vertical how in control Troy is. Troy even lies to Bathsheba and threatened her life history it is ironic that he lies to harm Bathsheba and Boldwood lies to help her. Troy is in control, this also comes into play in the first place they get married when Troy says that if Bathsheba does not get married then he can not give Bathsheba his word that he will stay faithful putting Bathsheba in a ultimatum and he k straightways it so much so that he even draws attention to her breasts and lunges his sword towards her heart to remove a straightforward bug and when Bathsheba questions Troy he claims that 1.If she gets hurt it would have been her fault and 2. He simply says o no dexterity other than luck. It does show just how intense the moment was Bathsheba was willing to die for Troy or at least the idea of Troy witch shows a contrast between Boldwood willing to die or indeed to kill for Bathsheba for th e keen speed love or a form of love. FANNY chapter, The chapter Fannys revenge sees the fragile marriage of Bathsheba and Troy finally dissolve.In the chapter, before Troy arrives Bathsheba is happy and child like and takes little care over men, but has a mans care over things like business. When Troy kisses Fannys dead body Bathsheba is lonely and miserable and desperate for Troy to kiss her that should not be too much to accept for a wife. Troy is by no means sorry for his love for Fanny, he acts as if Bathsheba is not even their, hardy shows us how he is ignoring Bathsheba by saying things like Boldwood rushed to FannyHOPE FOR GABRIEL chapter 56, By the end of chapter 56, Gabriel realises that Bathsheba might marry him after all. Bathsheba is now ready for Gabriel because Troy is now gone as well as the part of her that needed him to control her. She may still want him but she now needs some one to lean on and trust. Bathsheba is forced to act because 2 of her 3 suitors have eit her died or been put away and Bathsheba likes the attention. It is like Oak to still there for Bathsheba after his whole life has been turned height down.Hardy discusses what is important about love at the end of the chapter, he writes usually occurring through similarity of pursuits, is unfortunately seldom superadded to love between the sexes, because men and women associate, not in their labours, but in their pleasures merely he then moves on to say that love which many waters cannot quench, nor the floods drown, beside which the dear usually called by the name is evanescent as steam. All this is to show just how powerful love is. This is the whole message that the book is overtaking to put across.THE RIGHT MAN, It is plain from the beginning that Gabriel is the right man for Bathsheba. except she is not ready for it at the begging as she needs to be more controlled and even grow up, in the begging when clever things got hard, or she was wrong she just pulled rank so to spea k like when she was make leather or on the hay bail. Bathsheba begins the book as a girl and grows up into a woman because she can see that she peddle always have it her way and lead people on because they will get hurt or worse die.In conclusion, hardy portrays lead kinds of love they are reckless lust, shown by Troy devotion, shown by Oak and dependence, as shown by Boldwood. Hardy does not show a pretend silk hat type of love you can think what you like of the best Boldwood ends up protecting Bathsheba and almost killing himself. She does end up woo Oak but that does not mean that it is the best type of love only that it is a constant happy kind of loves. Then there is trot the one that gave Bathsheba the most enjoyment and the most unpredictability.

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IBM Essay

IBM is a multinational corporation that broadcasts with conversation technology, designing and selling of remunerationworking services. The guild employees over sixty six molar concentration employees, its annual receipts as per 2008 was over thirty 9 meg US dollars. It has its headquarters in refreshful Orchard Road Armonk, New York. IBM is one of the top ten companies in the world that has been the most in(predicate) in acquiring other companies. Some of the best companies it has acquired have pull out it expand its operations as it integrates new skills and technology. IBM refuses for International Business Machines.The high society has won a good number of awards as it continues to receive science as the best in computer networking services. A part from networking business, the association is also involved in training programs to ensure empowerment of employees in the area of modern technology, Pugh (pp 20-26, 1995). It is also involved in environmental sustainabil ity to maximise energy use. Despite the troupe being founded many years past when technology was not at its peak, it has continued to make adjustments that has made its products to stand the taste of time.The company is sensitive to technological innovations and is therefore quick to make the necessary adjustments to its product. Being a networking persistence, it believes in working with other companies to stir sharing of ideas. Its consumer oriented focus has made it to diversify its productions. The company has endlessly responded to the needs of consumers by reaching them despite their geographical locations. The company has some(prenominal) branches in other nations making their products even more accessible. IBM has had visionary leadership who have always strived to produce character reference services.The current CEO, Samuel J. Palmisano is credited for his quality leadership that has made him work with reputable organisations. He is a focus leader who clearly unde rstands his role as a CEO of IBM system. The company continues to grow strategically as its employees enjoy a good remuneration. emphasize of the company Harlow Bundy who was a manufacturer of time records founded IBM which was previously referred to as ITR in 1906. He moved his time recording company from Binghamton to Endicott in 1911. ITR unite with two other companies to form IBM.In the early years of its inception, the company employed three coke workers bit by 1924 the employees had tripled to over nine hundred. The company had five buildings but by the end of ten years, the buildings had increase to twenty-five. Currently the company has numerous branches with thousands of employees. Currently IBM deals in products such as, IBM 650 RAMAC, the IBM 709 electronic data processing machine, the IBM 1401 data processing system and some of the body/370. The company was listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. To enhance its operations, IBM liaised with other companies that would me rge their products and talents.The biggest deal of the company was with star wind software. The company acquired Bundy manufacturing corp. , computing Scale Company, dey palpable company, productivity solutions, green pasture software, trigo technologies and many more Thompson (pp 15-21, 1999). IBM has made several(prenominal) acquisitions, even though some have not been successful it remain to be a leader in comparison to other companies in similar operations. During the dot com boom of 2000, IBM was the best in the world with a capitalization of over five hundred billion US dollars.By April 2009, the company had a capitalization of one hundred and four US dollars and still being ranked among the top companies. It was voted stock of the decade on NASDAQ. In 1990-2000, its7500 serious router was ranked third as the product of the decade. away from routing systems, IBM also deals in branch office routers, Ethernet switching, ATM networking, IP telephony, distant access and securi ty. In 2002-2003, the company has received several awards namely possibility relief and social responsibility in 2008, accessibility and kid apt in 2007, web adaptation in 2006 and reinvention education in 2005.The vision of the company is we strive to lead in the invention, development and manufacture of the industrys most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, storage systems and microelectronics. The revenue of the company is one hundred and three billion US dollars, net income is twelve billion US dollars, and total assets are one hundred and nine billion US dollars. The company has three hundred and 90 eight thousand, four hundred and fifty five worldwide. The records of stockholders are five hundred and sixty four thousand, two hundred and forty four.

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Mba Syllabus

Master of transmission line Administration (MBA) 2 Years (Syllabus 2007) SEMESTER I DBA 1601 MANAGEMENT CONCEPTS whole I INTRODUCTION TO MANAGEMENT Evolution of heed thoughts Contribution of Selected circumspection Thinkers Various approaches to trouble contemporary management set Managing in global environment Managerial functions. unit II cookery Importance of planning TypesImportance of planning Types of planning decision devising mould Approaches to decision making Decision models Pay off Matrices Decision trees notice Even Analysis.whole tercet ORGANISING Departmentation Span of ContDepartmentation Span of Control Delegation importantisation and Decentralisation Commitees Line and Staff relationships Recent trends in organisation structures. eading lead styles and qualities Communication process and barriers. social unit V CONTROLLING Managements control systems techniques Types of control. text BOOKS * Stephen P. Robbins and David A. Decenzo, Fundamentals of Management, Pearson Education, Third Edition, 2001. * J. S.Chandan, Management Concepts and Strategies, Vikas print dramatic art, 2002. REFERENCES * Tim Hannagan, Management Concepts and Practices, Macmillan India Ltd. , 1997. * Hellriegel, Jackson and Slocum, Management A Competency-Based Approach, South Western, 9th edition, 2002. * Stewart Black and Lyman W. Porter, Management Meeting bleak Challenges, apprentice manse, 2000. * Koontz, Essentials of Management, Tata McGraw-Hill, 5th Edition, 2001. * Bateman Snell, Management Competing in the new era, McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2002. DBA 1602 STATISTICS FOR MANAGEMENT unit of measurement I PROBABILITY -Basic definitions and rules for probability, conditional probability, independent of events, Bayes theorem, random variables, Probability distributions Binomial, Poisson, resembling and Normal distributions. unit of measurement II SAMPLING DISTRIBUTION AND ESTIMATION interpolation to s adenosine monophosp hateling distributions, sampling techniques, sampling distribution of mean and proportion, application of central limit theorem. Estimation Point and Interval estimates for population parameters of large savor and small proves, determining the sample size. whole ternion TESTING OF theory -Hypothesis examineing cardinal sample and two samples tests for means and proportions of large samples (z-test), one sample and two sample tests for means of small samples (t-test), F-test for two sample standard deviations, Chi-square test for single samples standard deviation. Chi-square tests for independence of attributes and goodness of fit. UNIT IV NON-PARAMETRIC METHODS Sign test for paired data. Rank sum test Mann Whitney U test and Kruskal Wallis test. One sample run test, rank correlation. UNIT V CORRELATION, REGRESSION AND TIME SERIES abridgment Correlation analysis, esteem of regression line.Time series analysis Variations in time series, trend analysis, orbitual variations, seasonal variations and irregular variations. text edition BOOKS * Levin R. I. and Rubin D. S. , Statistics for management, 7th edition, Prentice vestibule of India Pvt. Ltd. , pertly Delhi, 2001. * Aczel A. D. and Sounderpandian J. , Complete Business Statistics, 5th edition, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing bon ton Ltd. , forward-looking Delhi, 2004. * Anderson D. R. , Sweeney D. J. and entrustiams T. A. , Statistics for bank line and economics, 8th edition, Thomson (South Western) Asia Pte. Ltd. , Singapore, 2002. REFERENCES Levine D. M. , Krehbiel T. C. and Berenson M. L. , Business Statistics A rootage Course, Pearson Education Asia, second edition, New Delhi, 2002. * Hooda R. P. , Statistics for Business and stintings, 2nd edition, Macmillan India Ltd. , 2001. * Morse L. B. , Statistics for Business and economicals, HarperCollins college Publishers, New York, 1993. * Bowerman B. L. , Connel R. T. O and Hand M. L. , Business Statistics in Practice, 2nd edition, McGraw-Hi ll / Irwin, 2001. * Gupta S. C. and Kapoor V. K. , Fundamentals of MathematicalStatistics,Sultan Chand &amp Sons, New Delhi, 2002.DBA1603 ECONOMIC FOUNDATIONS OF BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT UNIT I NATURE AND setting OF MACRO ECONOMIC ISSUES Macro economic variables national income, investment, savings, employment, inflation, balance of payment, win over rate circular menstruation of income national income concepts measurement of national income federal agency of economic planning Indian economic planning. UNIT II ANALYSIS OF NATIONAL INCOME Determination of national income Keynesian perspective multiplier petrol business cycle the role of financial policy Indian fiscal policy and experiences.UNIT III ANALYSIS OF bullion MARKET Demand and total of money money market equilibrium the role of money monetary policy Indian perspectives. UNIT IV INTEGRATION OF COMMODITY AND MONEY MARKET Analysis of inflation and unemployment the role of economic policies Indian e xperiences. UNIT V ANALYSIS OF EXTERNAL SECTOR International mint trade multiplier linkage model the role of trade policy analysis of execution of instrument of Indian economy in external sector. TEXT BOOKS * Ahuja H. L. , Economic Environment of Business, Macroeconomic analysis, S.Chand &amp Company Ltd. , New Delhi, 2005. * Gupta, G. S. Macroeconomics, opening and Applications, Tata McGraw-Hill publication company Ltd. , New Delhi, 2001. REFERENCES * Samuelson, Paul A. , and Nordhaus, W. D. , Economics, Tata McGraw-Hill issue company Ltd. , New Delhi 2004. * Ruddar Datt and K. P. M. Sundharam, Indian Economy, S. Chand &amp Company Ltd. , New Delhi, 2003. * Government of India (Ministry of Finance), Economic Survey (Latest issue), New Delhi. DBA1604 ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR UNIT I localise AND PURPOSE -Definition, need and importance of organizational behaviour nature and compass frame work organizational behaviour models. UNIT II singular BEHAVIOUR Personalit y types factors influencing personality theories teaching types of learners the learning process learning theories organizational behaviour modification. Attitudes characteristics components formation measurement. Perceptions importance factors influencing perception interpersonal perception. pauperism importance types effects on work behavior. UNIT III gathering BEHAVIOUR -Organization structure formation groups in organizations influence group dynamics emergence of informal leaders and working norms group decision making techniques interpersonal relations communication control. UNIT IV LEADERSHIP AND cause Meaning importance leadership styles theories leaders Vs managers sources of bureau power centers power and politics. UNIT V DYNAMICS OF ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOURS organizational climate factors modify organizational climate importance. Job satisfaction determinants measurements influence on behavior.Organizational sort importance stability Vs swap proactive Vs reactive change the change process resistance to change managing change. Organizational development characteristics objectives team building. Organizational effectiveness perspective effectiveness Vs efficiency approaches the time dimension achieving organizational effectiveness. TEXT BOOKS * Stephen P. Robins, Organisational Behavior, Prentice Hall of India, 9th edition, 2001. * Hellriegel, Slocum and Woodman, Organisational Behavior, South-Western, Thomson Learning, 9th edition, 2001. REFERENCES Schermerhorn, Hunt and Osborn, Organisational behavior, John Wiley, 7th edition, 2001. * Jit S. Chand, Organisational Behavior, Vikas publishing House Pvt. Ltd. 2nd edition, 2001. * Fred Luthans, Organisational Behavior, McGraw Hill Book Co. , 1998. * New Strom &amp Davis, Organisational behaviour, McGraw Hill, 2001. * Jaffa Harris and Sandra Hartman, Organisational Behaviour, Jaico, 2002. DBA1605 COMMUNICATION SKILLS UNIT I COMMUNICATION IN BUSINESS Systems approach, forms of business communication, management and communication, factors facilitating communication. UNIT II COMMUNICATION PROCESS -Interpersonal perception, selective attention, feedback, variables, listening, barriers to listening, persuasion, attendance and conducting interviews, participating in discussions, debates and conferences, presentation skills, paralinguistic features, oral fluency development. UNIT III BUSINESS CORRESPONDENCE Business letter. Memos, minutes, agendas, enquiries, orders, sales letters, notice, tenders, letters of application, letter of complaints. UNIT IV TECHNICAL REPORTS Format, Choice of vocabulary, coherence and cohesion, paragraph writing, organization. UNIT V PROJECT REPORTS Project proposal, project reports, appraisal reports.TEXT BOOKS * Sharan J. Genrson and Steven M. Gerson Technical Writing work out and Product Pearson Education 2000. * Raymond V. Lesikar, John D. Pettit and Mary E. Flatley Lesikass Basic C ommunication Tata McGraw Will 8th Edition 1999. * Stevel. E. Pauley, Daniel G. Riordan Technical Report Writing Today AITBS Publishing &amp Distributors, India 5th edition 2000. * Robert L. Shurter, Effective letters in business Thrid Ed. 1983. REFERENCES * McGraith Basic Managerial Skills for all Prentice Hall of India sixth Edition 2002. * Halliday, M. A. Ky R. Hasan, Cohesion in English, Longman, London 1976.DBA1606 ACCOUNTING FOR MANAGEMENT UNIT I FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING 1. 1 first appearance to Financial, appeal and management score, generally accepted accounting principles, conventions and concepts. The balance sheet and related concepts, the reach and loss account and related concepts/ Introduction to inflation accounting, introduction to valet de chambre resources accounting. 1. 2 Accounting Mechanics Basic records, preparation of financial statements, revenue enhancement recognition and measurement, matching revenues and expenses, Inventory pricing and valuatio n, Fixed assets and depreciation accounting, impalpable assets. . 3 Analysis of financial statements Financial ratio analysis, cash flow and funds flow statement analysis UNIT II follow ACCOUNTING AND MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING 2. 1 Cost Accounts Accounting for manufacturing operations, mixed bag of manufacturing costs, Accounting for manufacturing costs. Cost Accounting Systems Job order costing, Process costing, bodily process Based costing, Costing and the value chain, Target costing, Cost-Volume Profit Analysis, Standard cost system. 2. 2 Management AccountingRelevant Cost for decision making, incremental analysis, Special order decision, Production constraint decisions, Make or secure decisions, sell, scrap or rebuild decisions, Joint product decision, Responsibility accounting and performance evaluation. Budget As a planning and control tool. TEXT BOOKS * M. Y. Khan &amp P. K. Jain Management Accounting, Tata McGraw Hill publishing company Ltd. , 2004. * M. A. Sahaf Ma nagement Accounting (Principles &amp Pratice) Vikas Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. , New Delhi, 2004. REFERENCES * R. S. N. Pillai &amp Bagavathi Managemnt Accounting S. Chand &amp Co.Ltd. , New Delhi, (2002). * R. Narayanaswamy Financial Accounting A managerial perspective Prentice Hall India Pvt. , Ltd. , New Delhi. * Bhattacharya S. K. John Dearden Accounting for Managemnt text and cases Vikas publishing house, New Delhi, 2000. * Charles T. Hornegren Introduction to management accounting Prentice Hall, New Delhi, 2001. DBA1607 LEGAL ASPECTS OF BUSINESS UNIT I MERCANTILE AND COMMERCIAL LAW The Indian Contract motion 1872 Essential of a valid contract, Void Agreements, Formation of a contract, performance of contracts, breach of contract and its remedies, Quasi contracts.The Sale of Goods Act 1930 Sales contract, transposeence of title and risk of loss, warranties in sales contract, performance of sales contracts, conditional sales and rights of an unpaid seller. Neg otiable instruments Act 1881 Nature and requisites of negotiable instruments, transfer of negotiable instruments and liability of parties, enforcement of secondary liability, holder in due course, finicky rules for cheques and drafts, discharge of negotiable instruments.Agency Nature of agency How created, Agents situation and liability of spark advance and third party Rights and duties of principal, agents and Third party, liability of principal or agents torts, termination of agency. UNIT II COMPANY LAW study principles Nature and types of companies, Formation, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Prospectus, Power, duties and liabilities of Directors, winding up of companies, Corporate Governance. UNIT III INDUSTRIAL LAW An Overview of Factories Act, Payment of Wages Act, Payment of Bonus Act, tokenish Wages Act, Industrial Disputes Act.UNIT IV INCOME value ACT AND SALES TAX ACT Corporate Tax homework, Overview of Sales Tax Act, including Value Added Tax. UNIT V CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT AND INTRODUCTION OF CYBER LAWS. TEXT BOOKS * N. D. Kapoor, Elements of mercantile uprightness Sultanchand and company, New Delhi Latest edition. * Sen &amp Mitra Commercial and Industrial justice The world press, Pvt. Ltd. , Calcutta 1996. REFERENCES * P. P. S. Gogna, Mercantile Law, S. Chand &amp Co. Ltd. , New Delhi, 1999. * Dr. Vinod K. Singhania Direct Taxes Planning and Management (Latest edition). * Respective Bare Acts.

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Theories of Language Evolution

ASSIGNMENTS B. Com General fore approximately Semester Subject Name Language Functional English Subject order BCC 101 Summer Drive 2012 4 credits (60 marks) (BKID B1294) Set 1 1. What is the difference between the theories of phrase ontogeny? 1. 2. 3 Language evolution and memes It is feasible to imagine numerous potential scenarios by which lyric poem cogency fox evolved as a purely biological adaptation. However, Susan Blackmore, reveals a diametrical theory of language evolution in her book The Meme Machine.She proposes that it evolved for the sake of organism a characteristic of a culture (memes), not as an adaptation for the benefit of genes. Susan says that memes starting signal came into existence with the advent of true imitation in humans, which solelyowed the former to spread through populations. Recall(a)ing production of new copies or that fecundity is necessary for a replicator. She also express that the language came into existence to do the purpose of being a mechanism for improving the fecundity of memes. give elbow room transmission has many advantages for the purpose effectuals give the bounce be heard by multiple listeners and feces be commitd even at night.After sound transmission (proto-language) came into existence, the digitalization of language into discrete volumes arose as a mechanism for ensuring meme faithfulness, or lack of errors in the new copies. She explains that those alterations that produce the most copies of the highest fidelity entrust be those that predominate, thus improving the language. Blackmore goes on to argue that grammar was an adaptation to reform the fecundity and fidelity of existing memes its recursive coordinate then provided the frame become for the development of more complex memes, which then elevate the existence of more complex grammar, etc. n a self-sustaining summons. Furthermore, language then began to exert pressure on the genes, creating a picking pressure toward big ger brains that be better at language. If people cull to mate with those possessing the best or most memes, then the genes that allowed those people to be good meme-spreaders will be differentially transmitted into the next generation. This run again leads to a self-catalytic process of brain evolution that places a absolute survival and reproductive advantage on those most capable of meme transmission.Finally, Blackmore believes that language is an unavoidable result of the existence of memes, which follow naturally from the ability to imitate (an ability that is, surprisingly, realized in very(prenominal) few species). She states, Verbal language is almost an inevitable result of memetic selection. First, sounds be a good scene for high-fecundity transmission of behaviour. Second, war crys argon an obvious focal point to digitise the process and so increase its fidelity. Third, grammar is a next step for increasing fidelity and fecundity yet again, and all of these will aid memorability and hence longevity. 2.What argon the common mistakes done while musical composition declarative sentences? go for examples of each of them. 2. 5. 3 Statement A educational activity is also cognize by the name of a declarative sentence. This type of sentence just states a fact, an argument or an idea, with push through requiring any answer or meet from the reader. It does not give a command or request, nor does it ask a question. There are two types of statements, viz. 1. Un qualified statement 2. qualified statement allow us understand both of them one by one. 1. Unconditional Statement These are the statements without any condition in them. Example, a) Marina plays the piano. (b) I think you will pass. (c) I slang forgotten his name. (d) She asked which drink I preferred. 2. Conditional Statement These are the statements with a condition(s) in a article accompanied by the briny article which shows the action. The conditional statements are of third type s (a) The open conditional statement. (b) The supposed conditional statement. (c) The unfulfilled divinatory statement. Let us understand each of them one by one. (a) The open conditional statement This type of statement generally refers to a future tense typesetters case which is conditional on another(prenominal) future event.The verb of the conditional clause is in the artless generate tense and the verb of the important clause is in the future tense (usually with will). Example, 1. If I sleep too oft, my eyelids s healthy. 2. My eyelids swell if I sleep too frequently. 3. just if the holy team take shapes fast, well acculturation the lop today. 4. We will not death the work today if the entire team does not work fast. 5. We will not finish the work today un slight the entire team works fast. Occasionally, the open conditional statement describes a situation or an instance which is dependent on another instance (given in the conditional clause).In this case, both v erbs are in the present tense. Example, 1. If I sleep well at night, I feel much relaxed in the morning. 2. If it rains, I enjoy it a lot. Some dates, if? is replaced by when?. If? implies that the condition is sincerely open and may not be fulfilled, while when? implies that the condition will be fulfilled and event will certainly take place. Example, 1. I will sing when you dance. 2. I shall have my lunch when the bell rings. (b) The hypothetical conditional statement The hypothetical conditional statement refers to a possible future situation which depends on another possible future situation.The verb of the master(prenominal) clause uses the present conditional tense (would + infinitive, or could + infinitive) and the verb of the conditional clause normally uses the present subjunctive. Some snips, the conditional aspect of the statement chiffonier be emphasized by using the form were + to + infinitive. Example, 1. If you slept well at night, you would be relaxed in the morn ing. 2. You would be relaxed in the morning if you slept well at night. 3. Only if the entire team worked fast, we could finish the work that day. 4. We would not finish the work that day if the entire team did not work fast. 5.We would not finish the work that day unless the entire team worked fast. 6. If the entire team were to work fast, we could finish the work that day. Sometimes the statements use the open hypothetical form, though it is clearly quite impossible. In such cases, the main clause uses would/could+ verb form. Example, 1. If I were you, I would never go there. 2. My teacher told me that I would definitely improve my scores if I worked harder. (c) The unfulfilled hypothetical statement The unfulfilled hypothetical statement refers to a situation which an event might have taken place, but did not, because a condition was not fulfilled.The verb of the main clause goes 3. What do you mean by peaceful instance? 3. 2. 2 Passive voice The diligent voice is the normal voice. But sometimes we choose the resistless voice. The still voice is less usual than the active voice. In this lesson we pay heed at how to construct the passive voice, when to use it and how to blend it. The structure of the passive voice is very simple theatre + auxiliary verb (be) + main verb (past riveiciple) The main verb is constantly in its past participle form. pic Though usually active voice is given preference over the others, it does not mean that passive voice should not be used.But you should use it barely in the avocation instances In order to intentionally give away something true so as to minimize the guilt of the subject. For example, A cheating wife might respond, Yes, criminal conversation was committed by me. In order to intentionally hide the subject of the sentence. For example, A political leader might say, Mistakes were made. In order to stool passive voice better emphasize the main point of the passage. For example, Children were harmed by unlicensed cab drivers Note that we always use by to divulge the passive object (Fish are eaten by cats). The passive voice is less usual.Look at this sentence He was killed with a bullet. Normally we use by to introduce the passive object. But the bullet is not the active subject. The bullet did not kill him. He was killed by somebody with a bullet. In the active voice, it would be Somebody killed him with a bullet. The bullet is the instrument. Somebody is the means or doer. Conjugation for the passive voice Passive grass be made in any tense. If we pay attention, we will come up that the conjugation of verbs in the passive tense is rather easy, as the main verb is always in past participle form and the auxiliary verb is always be.To form the required tense, we conjugate the auxiliary verb. So, for example Present simple It is made. Present continuous It is being made. Present perfect It has been made. 4. 2 Concepts of diction Building Each of us stands testimony to t he fact that it is an essential essential to have a good wording in order to sink effectively. There are many ways to improve our vocabulary. Some of them are as under 1. Flash Cards Flash notes are an excellent method of reviewing both old and new vocabulary discussions.Not only are they the best way to learn vocabulary, you may also use them in other ways. For example, key ideas may be written out and reviewed. In addition, declensions such as the article can be redact on a card for easy reviewing. These types of cards will need to be larger than 2 x 4. A full-of-the-moon size index card would work for these purposes. Let us make a flash card now. (a) On the precedent of the flash card Write a vocabulary formulate, and only the word, neatly on the confront of the card. Center the word both horizontally and vertically, and be sure to funding the front of the card free from extra markings, smudges or doodles. b) On the velocity left corner of the patronise of the flash c ard On the relapsing side, the information side of the flash card, write a interpretation for the word in the hurrying left corner. perk up sure you write the definition in your own row. This is the key. If you write a dictionary definition, you will be less likely to remember what the word means (c) On the upper practiced corner of the back of the flash card Write the part of speech in the upper right corner of the info side. Make sure you understand what the part of speech means before writing it down. Then, colour-code it. Highlight the part of speech with one colour.When you make another flash card with another part of speech, youll use a different colour. Make all the nouns yellow, all the verbs blue, etc. Your school principal remembers colours really well, so youll come to associate colour with the part of speech, and youll have an easier time remembering how the word functions in a sentence. (d) On the lower left corner of the back of the flash card Use the vocabula ry word in a sentence you will remember. Make the sentence steamy, hillarious, or creative in some other way. If you write a bland sentence, your chances of remembering what the word means go way down.Example of a memorable sentence My fateful ex-boyfriend used to think he could get any girl he wanted, until he met my friend Mandy, who laughed at his conceited self in front of the entire school. Example of a non-memorable sentence The king, whose pompous heads-of-state were trying to dethrone, refractory to flee the country to save his own life. (e) On the lower right corner of the back of the flash card Draw a pure picture/graphic to go with the vocabulary word. It doesnt have to be exquisite just something that reminds you of the definition.For the word pompous, or conceited, maybe youd draw a stick person with his nose in the air. Why? You remember pictures much better than words, which is the reason you cant write anything on the front of the card in any event the vocabular y word youd remember the design and associate it with the definition instead of associating the word with the definition. Repeat this process for every one of your vocabulary words, until you have a deck of flash cards. 2. rote method (repetition) This is something that we all hate. Rote the new words up to remember them. But isnt it the way we used to learn new words in the childhood?So remember, when no other methods work, you should not hesitate to resort to the time tested rote method. 3. Self dictionary We hear and read new words all the time but rarely do we take the time to look them up. When you hear an unfamiliar word, jot it down and take the time to look it up later. 4. Word games There are many games that can be played online. It not only serves as a way to entertain but at the same time, develops your vocabulary. Some of the examples of such games are Word Search, Cross Words, Hang Mouse, Quiz, Match Game, Scramble, Letter Blocks, etc. 5.Visualisation At times there a re very difficult words that cant be learnt by any method else than visualization. Words can be related with something familiar and funny so that it can be remembered. 6. sympathiseing Read a lot. The experience of encountering unfamiliar words in print is remarkably instructive. First, because youre already engaged in knowledge something, you are arguably more motivated to learn a new word so that you better understand what youre voluntarily reading. Second, you have come crosswise the word organically rather than artificially (i. e. in a vocabulary list).Youll pick up new words and clarify meanings of words already in your toolkit by exposing yourself to them in their, shall we say, natural habitat. The context will ameliorate your attempt to build a better vocabulary. Diversity of topics is important Read some natural science stuff, applied science stuff, contemporary literature, Shakespeare, psychological science book and then consume a humorous work. Varied reading will sh arpen both general and subject-specific vocabularies. A manger may not feel the utility of subjects like History, Philosophy, Biology, Travel, Anthropology, Linguistics, Art, Gender Studies, Politics, etc.But a mind that knows varied fields has a rich vocabulary as well as is respected everywhere. You dont have to be an expert in all disciplines to build a meaty vocabulary, but you do need to be a well-informed reader who is confident and comfortable reading on topics outside your areas of immediate expertise. 7. Interact in English All said and done, we must try to improve our spoken English so as to write better. The more we speak in English, the better it would be for us to improve our vocabulary. 5. Decide which parts of speech are the underlined words i.You have to believe in yourself if you ever expect to be successful at something. Pronoun ii. We left for the mountain just before six in the morning. Verb iii. We first went to the store to buy a few things. Preposition iv. We had a breakfast at a cafe near the rail station. Noun v. My friend wasnt strong adequate to lift his heavy rucksack. Adjective vi. I helped him carry it. Pronoun vii. The weather was very cold. Adverb viii. My friend said, Oh What a cold weather Interjection ix. We didnt spend the night there. Adverb x. We got back home late at night but we didnt go to sleep immediately.We were very hungry. Conjunction. 6. Fill in the blanks with these words against, at, like, on, to, up, with, near, for. i. She is doing a power point course __at__a university. ii. We had to climb slowly ___up__ the hill. iii. His house looks __like___ a temple. iv. Dont lean that test ___ against __ the wall. v. My house is quite ___ near __ to your school. vi. A university is where you study ___ for __ a degree. vii. He sometimes quarrels ___ with __ the neighbour. viii. Her next birthday will be __on__ a Sunday. ix. My begetter has a car __like__ yours. x. The mob stoned her __to__ death.

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Hop-in Food Stores Inc Essay

Hop-In feeds Stores has historic all in ally been able to rely on internal funding and long term debt in order to continue its ontogenesis. The continued product is attributed to acquisitions of already established stores. Hop-In management has predominantly stayed away from starting up new stores from scratch due to high start up costs. They had tack out that it was easier and more cost effective to buy up small stores in good locations. As of 1976 all of Hop-Ins expansion was financed by long term debt or equity shed out by upper management.Prior to 1976, Hop-In had had common shares outstanding, but was primarily traded only in Virginia. In order to continue the growth and expansion that management wanted they had to come up with additional funds. Equity financing was the answer to the Hop-In Food Stores need for the additional monies needed to cover growth costs. One of the main(prenominal) risks of IPO offerings is the risk of underpricing. This can be costly to both Hop -In and the investiture vernacular. If the market decides that Hop-Ins value is worth more than initially offered extraction prices with rise, leaving additional bills that could have been raised by the company.This money left on the table could have been used to finance other(a) investments or pay down any outstanding debts. The investment bank takes on the risk from the standpoint that they did not properly value the bank line price. The underpricing of stock means that they did not maximize the money Hop-In could have raised. The report of not properly valuing IPO prices can lead to lost prospective business. In order to determine Hop-Ins new issue price, Mr. Merriman must(prenominal)(prenominal) first forecast the next five old age of free immediate payment f clinical depressions.He should first create pro forma balance sheets and income statements. Once the pecuniary have been forecasted the next step is to figure out what free currency flows are. This can be by m ultiplying EBIT*(1-tax), adding back depreciation, subtracting the change in enceinte expenditures, and also subtracting the change in net working capital. This bequeath acquaint you free cash flows for the year. These numbers need to be determined on a yearly basis of at least 5 years into the future. The next step is consequently to find out the WACC, aka r, of the company.This can be found by the equation, rd(1-tax)(D/V)+re(E/V). Once WACC is found all of the free cash flows need to be discounted back to limn values. Another factor that must be found is growth. This can be discovered by doing a industry analysis to determine what the growth rate is expected to be. The growth rate is used to find the terminal value of Hop-In at its apparent horizon date (5 years out). This terminal value is then discounted back to present value. The summation of all PV cash flows plus PV of the terminal value recall you the value of the firm.The last step is to subtract the debt of the firm to land at the current equity value of the company. This equity value can then be divided by the number of shares outstanding or be after on being offered to come up with the IPO share price. Mr. Merriman has a difficult decision deciding what the final offering price pass on be. He has guaranteed a low value of $10 per share. He ostensibly wants it to close at a price higher than this because his firm go out take a substantial loss since they will purchase all the shares from Hop-In Foods.Investment banks usually give a range of possible prices kinda of a single definite stock price. This range will contain of the low value of $10, plus 6% in fees, giving a final low value of $10. 60. The high value is calculated by redoing the firm value analysis taking away all debt and qualification it an entirely equity financing company. Doing the same before mentioned process will give you a high value. In the end Mr. Merriman should pick a final offering price right in the middle of the low and high value.

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Effective Study Skills Are the Sole Foundation of a Sound Essay

Effective study skills are definitely an important factor of a sound training. They dont happen overnight. They win and mature through practice, trial and error, feedback from others and reflection through different stages of the bank line (Cottrell,S.2008. pg1) Working on issuingive study skills means the individual(a) lead find out what works best. Basic each(prenominal)y teaching how to divulge (Cottrell,S. 2008. pg 48). there are many different ways in which individuals learn, for e.g. conscious erudition when the individual is aware they are learning (Cottrell,S. 2008. pg 48). Unconscious learning when the individual is unaware that it is happening but it may become conscious learning when they just know something and indeed wonder, how did I know that (Cottrell,S. 2008. pg 48). Each individual has 3 different learning styles which affect their lives. Some people learn better using visual learning such as smell at pictures or diagrams. Other people are auditory le arners i.e. audition to recordings. Then there are people who are kinaesthetic or tactile learners, they like to touch and play with things. (Wyman,P. 2011). By testing all these types of learning people will see what they find easiest to use and then be able to adapt it to their studies.Effective study skills could definitely be described as the sole foundation of a sound education when doing independent learning. A learner would acquire knowledge by his or her own efforts, therefore good study skills are vital (Meena. 2012). This comes into effect on a distance learning course i.e. foot health diploma. Having the choice of when and where studying takes place, means being disciplined enough to feed the time to it. In essence the individual is teaching themselves. To really pull through in a chosen subject doing something with genuine enthusiasm is approximately important otherwise individuals could just lose interest.

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The Return: Shadow Souls Chapter 6

Elena was development each her con spotrable talents at negotiation to calm mo non ane down, encouraging him to order a second and third Belgian waffle make a face at him across the table. and it wasnt much good. savourless was moving as if he were driven to rush, plot of ground at the same time he couldnt take aim his eye aside her.Hes lifelessness imagining Damon swooping down and terrorizing some girlish girl, Elena thought helplessly.Damon wasnt t present when they stepped come on of the coffee shop. Elena saw the frown amongst mattes eyebrows begin and had a brainstorm.Why dont we take the Jag to a used- railroad gondola motor political machine franchise? If were overtaking to give up the Jaguar, I motivation your advice on what we grasp in re consider.Yeah, my advice on beat-up, falling-apart heaps has got to be the best, dull verbalise, with a humourous smile that said he knew Elena was hu gaynessaging him, precisely he didnt mind.The single machine dealership in the town didnt look really promising. exclusively unconstipated it was not as depressed-looking as the owner of the lot. Elena and Matt found him sleepy channeliseed inside a small office building with dirty windows. Matt tapped gently on the smudged window and eventually the man embark oned, jerked up in his chair, and angrily waved them away.But Matt tapped again on the window when the man began to put his head down once much, and this time the man sit up very slowly, gave them a look of bitter despair, and came to the door.What do you motivation? he demanded.A trade-in, Matt said loudly in front Elena could judge it softly.You teenagers energize a car to trade, the humble man said darkly. In all my twenty years owning this place Look. Matt stepped brook to light upon the shining tearing Jag shining in the morning sunniness similar a giant rose on wheels. A brand-new Jaguar XZR. Zero to sixty in 3.7 seconds A 550-horsepower supercharged AJ-V8 GEN threesome R engine with 6-speed ZF automatic transmission Adaptive Dynamics and officious Differential for exceptional traction and handling There is no car like the XZR Matt finished nose to nose with the little man, whose verbalize had slowly come open as his eyes flickered between the car and the son.You fatality to trade that in for something on this lot? he said, floor into frank disbelief. As if Id pay the cash to waitaminute he interrupted himself. His eyes stop flickering and became the eyes of a poker player. His shoulders came up, just now his head didnt, giving him the appearance of a vulture.Dont want it, he said categorically and made as if to go venture into the office.What do you mean you dont want it? You were drooling over it a minute ago Matt sh outed, unperturbed the man had stopped wincing. His expression didnt change.I should have done the talking, Elena thought. I wouldnt have gotten into a war from word one only when its too tardy now. She tried t o shut out out the male voxs and looked at the dilapidated cars on the lot, each with its own dusty little sign tucked into the windscreen 10 PERCENT OFF FOR XMAS EASY CREDIT CLEAN GRANNY-OWNED special(a) NO DOWN-PAYMENT CHECK IT OUT She was afraid she was going to burst into snap at any second.No call for a car like that well-nigh here, the owner was produceing expressionlessly. Whod buy it?Youre crazy This car lead bring customers flocking in. Its its advertising Better than that lofty hippo over there.not a hippo. San elephant.Who can tell, with it half deflated like that?With dignity, the owner stalk over to look at the Jag. not brand-new. Sgot too many miles on it.It was bought only two weeks ago.So? In a few more weeks, Jaguar will be advertising next years cars. The owner waved a hand at Elenas giant rose of a vehicle. Obso permite.ObsoleteYeah. thumping car like this, gas guzzler Its more energy expeditious than a hybrid You think people have that? They see it Look, I could take this car anywhere else Then take it. On my lot, here and now, that car is barely worth one car in alterTwo cars.The new voice came from directly behind Matt and Elena, plainly the car dealers eyes widened as if he had just seen a ghost.Elena rancid and met Damons unfathomable black gaze. He had his Ray-Bans hooked over his T-shirt and was rest with his transfer behind his back. He was looking hard at the car dealer.A few moments passed, and because(prenominal)Thesilver Prius in the back decline corner. Underunder the awning, the car dealer said slowly, and with a dazzle expression in answer to no question that had been asked aloud. Illtake you there, he added in a voice to match his expression.Take the keys with you. Let the boy test-drive it, Damon ordered, and the owner fumbled to show a key ring at his belt, and then walked slowly away, staring at nothing.Elena saturnine to Damon. One guess. You asked him which was the best car on his lot.Substitu te least disgusting and youd be closer, Damon said. He flashed a brilliant smile at her for a tenth of a second, and then move it off.But, Damon, why two cars? I know its more fair and all, further what are we going to do with the second car?Caravan, Damon said.Oh, no. But even Elena could see the well-beings of this at least after they held a aggrandisement to decide on a rotation schedule between the cars for Elena. She sighed. strong if Matt agreesMutt will agree, Damon said, looking very briefly very briefly as innocent as an angel.What have you got behind your back? Elena said, deciding not to pursue the question of what Damon intended to do to Matt.Damon smiled again, hardly this time it was an odd smile, just a quirk of one side of his mouth. His eyes said it was nothing much. But his right hand came out and it was holding the most beautiful rose Elena had ever seen in her life.It was the deepest red rose she had ever seen, yet there wasnt a hint of purple to it it was just velvety burgundy, and open at exactly the moment of all-inclusive bloom. It looked as if it would be plush to the touch, and its vivid green stem, with just a few delicate leaves here and there, was at least eighteen inches big and straight as a ruler.Elena resolutely put her own hands behind her back. Damon wasnt the sentimental type even when he got on his Princess of the dark soapbox. The rose probably had something to do with their journey.Dont you like it? Damon said. Elena superpower be imagining it, but it or so sounded as if he were disappointed.Of course I like it. Whats it for?Damon colonised back. Its for you, Princess, he said, looking hurt. Dont worry I didnt steal it.No he wouldnt have stolen it. Elena knew exactly how he would have gotten the rosebut it was so pretty.As she still made no move to take the rose, Damon lifted it and allowed the cool, silky-feeling petals to caress her cheek.It made her shiver. Stop it, Damon, she murmured, but she didn t seem to be able to step reversive.He didnt stop. He used the cool, softly soughing petals to outline the other side of her face. Elena took a deep breath automatically, but what she smelled was not flowerlike at all. It was the smell of some dark, dark wine, something ancient and sweet-smelling that had once made her drunk immediately. Drunk on Black put-on and on her own heady excitementjust to be with Damon. But that wasnt the real me, a small voice in her head protested. I love Stefan. DamonI wantI want toDo you want to know why I got this particular rose? Damon was saying softly, his voice blending in with her memories. I got it because of its place. Its a Black Magic rose.Yes, Elena said simply. Shed known that forward he said it. It was the only name that fit. straightaway Damon was giving her a rose kiss by swirling the blossom in a circle on her cheek and then applying pressure. The firmer petals in the center of attention pressed into her skin, fleck the outer pet als just brushed it.Elena was feeling clearly light-headed. The day was warm and humid already how could the rose feel so cool? Now the outermost petals had moved to trace her lips, and she wanted to say no, but somehow the word wouldnt come.It was as if she had been transported back in time, back to the days when Damon had first appeared to her, had first claimed her for his own. When she had almost let him kiss her before she knew his name.He hadnt changed his ideas since then. Vaguely, Elena remembered view something like that before. Damon changed other people while remaining unchanged himself.But Ive changed, Elena thought, and suddenly there was quicksand under her feet. Ive changed so much since then. Enough to see things in Damon Id never imagined could be there. Not just the wild and angry dark parts, but the gentle parts. The keep and decency that were trapped like veins of gold inside that stone boulder in his mind.I have to help him, Elena thought. Somehow, I have to h elp him and the little boy chained outside the boulder.These thoughts had trickled slowly through her mind while it seemed separated from her body. She was so involved with them, in fact, that she somehow lost extend of her body, and only now did she realize how much closer Damon had gotten. Her back was against one of the sad, sagging cars. And Damon was let outing lightly, but with an undertone of seriousness.A rose for a kiss, then? he asked. It is called Black Magic, and I did come by it honestly. Her name wasit wasDamon stopped, and for a moment a look of intense bewilderment flashed across his face. Then he smiled, but it was the warriors smile, the brilliant one he turned on and off almost before you were sure you had seen it. Elena sensed trouble. Sure, Damon still didnt remember Matts name correctly, but she had never known him to for bugger off a girls name when he was really hard to remember. Especially within minutes of when he must have fed from that girl.Shinichi again? Elena wondered. Was he still taking Damons memories only the highlights, of course? The thrills, good or bad? Elena knew that Damon himself was thinking the same thing. His black eyes were smoldering. Damon was furious but there was a certain vulnerability closely his fury.Without thinking, Elena put her hands on Damons forearms. She unheeded the rose, even as he traced the curve of her cheekbone with it. She tried to speak steadily. Damon, what are we going to do?That was the scene that Matt walked in on. Ran in on, actually. He came weaving through a maze of cars, and dashed around a white SUV with one flat tire, shouting, Hey, you guy ropes, that Prius isAnd then he stopped dead.Elena knew what he was seeing Damon caressing her with the rose, while she was practically embracing him. She let go of Damons arms, but she couldnt back away from him because of the car behind her.Matt Elena began, and then her voice trailed off. She had been about to say This isnt what it l ooks like. Were not in the essence of a cuddle. Im not really touching him. But this was what it looked like. She cared about Damon she had been trying to get through to him.With a small shock, that thought repeated itself with the contract of a shaft of sunlight shooting through an unprotected vampires body.She cared about Damon.She really did. It was usually difficult being with him because they were alike in so many ways. Headstrong, each wanting their own way, passionate, impatientShe and Damon were alike.Small shocks were going though Elena, and her entire body felt weak. She found herself glad to persist against the car behind her, even though it must be acquiring dust all over her clothes.I love Stefan, she thought almost hysterically. Hes the only one I love. But I film Damon to get to him. And Damon may be falling to pieces in front of me.She was looking at Matt all the while, her eyes full of tears that would not fall. She blinked, but they stubbornly stayed on her las hes.Matt she whispered.He said nothing. He didnt need to. It was all in his expression astonishment turning to something Elena had never seen before, not when he was looking at her.It was a sort of alienation that shut her out completely, that severed any bonds between them.Matt, no But it came out in a whisper.And then, to her astonishment, Damon spoke.You do know its all me, dont you? You can scarce blame a girl for trying to defend herself. Elena looked at her hands, which were palpitation now. Damon was going on, You know its all my fault. Elena would never That was when Elena realized. Damon was Influencing Matt.No She took Damon off guard, grabbing him again, shiver him. Dont do it Not to MattThe black eyes that were turned on hers were definitely not those of a suitor. Damon had been interrupted in the use of his Power. If it had been anyone else, they would have ended as a small spot of grease on the ground.Im saving you, Damon said coldly. Are you refusing me?Elena found herself wavering. Maybe, if it was only once, and only for Matts benefitSomething surged up inside her. It was all she could do not to let her standard atmosphere escape completely.Never try that on me again, Elena said. Her voice was quiet but icy. Dont you dare ever try to Influence me And leave Matt only ifSomething like approval flickered in the endless darkness of Damons gaze. It was gone before she could be sure shed seen it. But when he spoke, he seemed less distant. tout ensemble right, he said to Matt. Whats the game plan now? You name it.Matt answered slowly, not looking at any of them. He was flushed but deadly calm. I was going to say, that Prius isnt bad at all.And the dealer guy has another one. Its in okay condition. We could have two cars just alike.And then we could caravan and split up if someone was following us They wont know which to follow. Normally Elena would have thrown her arms around Matt at this point. But Matt was looking at his shoes, which was prob ably just as well really, since Damon had his eyes shut and was shaking his head slightly as if he couldnt believe something idiotic.Thats right, Elena thought. Its my aura or Damons that theyre homing in on. We cant parry them with identical cars unless we have identical auras, too.Which really meant that she should drive with Matt the complete way. But Damon would never accept that. And she needed Damon to get to her beloved, her one and only, her certain mate Stefan.Ill take the shabby one, Matt was saying, arranging it with Damon and ignoring her. Im used to ratty cars. I already arranged a deal with the guy. We should get going. motionless speaking only to Damon, he said, Youll have to tell me where were really going. We might get separated.Damon was silent for a long moment. Then, brusquely, he said, Sedona, Arizona, for a start.Matt looked disgusted. That place full of New Age lunatics? Youre kidding.I said well start out from Sedona. Its complete wilderness nothing b ut rock all around it. You could get lostvery easily. Damon flashed the brilliant smile and flat turned it off.Well be at the Juniper Resort, off North passage 89A, he added smoothly.Ive got it, Matt said. Elena could see no emotion in either his face or his expression, but his aura was seething red.Now, Matt, Elena began, we should really butt every night, so if you just follow us She broke off with a sharply inhaled breath.Matt had already turned around. He didnt turn back when she spoke. He just kept going, without another word.Without a backward glance.

Critical analysis of Bob Dylan’s song “Hurricane” Essay

tail Dylans iconic breedwriting, funny and distinctive tattle voice, as headspring as his controversial and thought-provoking lyrics has undoubtedly primed(p) Dylan among the elites of modern, American musical history. This is non to say there are those who na white plagueate and generally do non care for his shoutwriting, but almost allone has list in contact with his expansive body of work. Born Robert Allen Zimmerman in 1941 in Duluth, Minnesota, he moved to New York City in 1961 and legally changed his bod to trail Dylan in 1962. In the onset of his career Dylan focused on politically charged themes and acoustic/folk type guitar playing. Pro attempt tunes write in the 1960s established a reputation as a free-thinking painswriter engrossed in the trials and tribulations of the times. After a disclose from this style, his 1976 album Desire contained the eight and a half minute mega-track Hurricane, which proverb a return to the societal-minded songwriting that had helped him catch his name.Hurricane, is a memoir that describes Dylans cause account of the events in New tee shirt bar in June of 1966, which fart to the apprehension and imprisonment of Rubin Hurricane Carter, an American middle-weight boxer. Although this is one of his most popular songs, Dylan no longer incorporates it in his live sets. Also, despite its popularity, Hurricane, is truly a masterpiece and a wonderful lens with which to examine this great artists literary style and influence. Through the exploration of several critics analysis coupled with a enlarge examination of the real(a) song lyrics, it is clear that the song Hurricane by dog Dylan intertwines modern social elements of race and equity, the literary aspects of genre, oral communication and metaphor, and his avow unique and individualistic songwriting that has established him on a tableland of excellence rivaled by no other modern artist.The racial aspects of the song ring out louder than any other theme. Upon listening to the song, Dylans emotionally charged singing and sharp lyrics clearly display that fact that Rubin Carters skin color had a major influence in his arrest and conviction. This, of course, is just Bob Dylans interpretation however. Evan Schlansky, a critic from American, explores the issue of race and social equity in his analysis. Hurricane functions like a real live detective story. Its a song that peppers the meeter with rich details and impolite truths, many of which are enough to make the hairs at the back of your neck stand up (Schlansky, 1). Paterson, New Jersey in the 1960s was a hotbed of racism and racial issues, and the lyrics explain the direness of the situation.Dylan sings, In Paterson thats just the way things go/If youre black you exponent as well non show up on the street, little you wanna draw the heat (, 1). Dylan is obviously critiquing the law enforcement and judiciary system, as well as striking a cho rd with racial and political activists everywhere. As mentioned before, Bob Dylans songwriting as always been poignant and controversial and although this song was released ten years after the incident, its themes are just as true. He lays blame on societys elite with the lines, And though they could not produce the gun, the D.A. said he was the one who did the deed, and the all-white jury agreed (, 1). These lines view as been regarded as some of Dylans most controversial and along with his use of the N-word, he created an extremely moving and thought-provoking ex deoxyadenosine monophosphatele of how racism is all the same present in society.The first element of Dylans genre in Hurricane, relate to his writing the song as a narrative. This means he is singing the song as a story being told of the actual accounts as if Dylan himself was in the bar that night. Gerard Steen, in his essay Metaphor in Bob Dylans Hurricane writes, such story format options are excessiv ely part and parcel of well-conventionalized cognitive genre schemes, such as narrative songs (Steen, 190). Another important genre aspect of Hurricane, is his utilization of a admit song. the accusation of false conviction is clear enough to make the song a serious protest song from the beginning (Steen, 189).Protest songs were master(a) in establishing Dylans reputation as a singer/songwriter. Hurricane, label a return to this style of songwriting. Dylan in any case uses language to convey his message. utilisation of extreme language and powerful metaphors enhance the drama and suspense that builds throughout the song. The metaphors used by Dylan are key to his message. However these metaphors are not always clearly displayed throughout the verses, and the reader (or listener) usually has to make up his/her mind (Steen, 196). These important elements of literary style add to the significance and complexity of this monumental work.Aside from his singing voice, Dylans unique s ongwriting as located him in a class of his own even among his peers. Hurricane, is a bewitching piece to examine based on his return to the in-the-moment style songwriting that had make him noted in the 1960s. Previous staples of Dylans first albums like The lonely(a) Death of Hattie Carroll, and Who Killed Davey Moore?, had plots seemingly taken right from the papers and words attractively woven into songs in a way completely peculiar to his own style.In fact many critics argue that the song may receive fit more unto one of his earlier albums such as know of War or The Freewheelin Bob Dylan (Schlansky, 1). The fact that this song was not released until 1976 also leads to the element of surprise that Dylan (ever the individual) would ever back-track to his previous writing styles. Harking back to the geezerhood when he used to rip his song ideas from the headlines of newspapers, Dylan masterfully sums up and dramatizes Carters story, and also manages to embarrass the system by coming off smarter than every lawyer, cop, and jury on the case. To live outside the law, you must be reliable (Schlansky, 1).Through the exploration of several critics analysis coupled with a detailed examination of the actual song lyrics, it is clear that the song Hurricane by Bob Dylan intertwines modern social elements of race and equity, the literary aspects of genre, language and metaphor, and his own unique and individualistic songwriting that has established him on a plateau of excellence rivaled by no other modern artist. Although there are those who do not enjoy Dylans music, one would be hard-pressed to find individual who had never heard of him.He is undoubtedly one of the most famous and influential American musicians of all-time. Hurricane, stands as one of Dylans true masterpieces and incorporates the scoop up aspects of his literary style and songwriting capabilities. The song was so influential many bank it even helped to get Rubin Carter released from jail and acquitted of all charges. but lone(prenominal) Hurricane actually helped get someone out of jail, even if it did take 12 years (Schlansky, 1). In conclusion, Hurricane, is a song that will stand the test of time, and shines as a beacon of accomplishment in an immense and critically acclaimed body of work.Works CitedLevy, J., Dylan, B., Hurricane. 15 May 2009. < http// lyrics-bob-dylan.html>.Schlansky, Evan. The 30 Greatest Bob Dylan Songs 21 Hurricane. 2009. American 15 May 2009. .Steen, Gerard. Metaphor in Bob Dylans Hurricane genre, style and language. 15May 2009. < http// TsVKoC&pg=PA183&lpg=PA183&dq=literary+ reprehension+%22hurricane%22&s ource=bl&ots=Ioa4GCmjjQ&sig=MYMBoFGCnh0yV3ihRZ9gRLmnRXQ&hl=e n&ei=jqgNSopHYzCMdmhpbYG&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=4 PPA183,M1>.

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The idea of carrying capacity

By the end of the twenty-first century, human population growth may exceed priming coats carrying mental ability. Discuss.The thought of transporting capacity is non a new one. Transporting capacity is the maximal population size that the milieu can back up without impairment ( McGraw-Hill, 2002 ) . The first thought of transporting capacity applied to natural beings was introduced in the 1980 s so the construct that the man is a ship with merely adequate nutrient and resources to be adapted to substantiate a finite population is non new ( Sayre 2007 ) .The population of Earth presently stands at around 6.8 zillion and is expected to make 7 billion by the twelvemonth 2011. In merely 12 elderly ages, the population of Earth has risen by about 1 billion after a population of 6 billion was reached in 1999 ( unfamiliar 2009 ) . Population has been projected and estimated to make 9.4 billion by 2050. ( Ehrlich.P, A 2009 ) . The place at which population is increase causes a t urning concern with the transporting capacity of the planet and whether or non the planet will be able to prolong the population.Worlds have already put str personal on the environment and an increasing population puts an ever-growing strain on the environment. Human and environmental vicissitudes that need to be considered such as clime alteration and over-consumption, new industrializing states such as India and China. Countries with rapid population growing are already happening it punishing to discontinue, or tear shore maintain the wellness of their people and their economic systems. ( MacKenzie 1994 ) . there are some(prenominal) people who believe in Ester Boserup s condition that human invention and brightness will predominate and get the better of any military controls that pose a menace to mankind. There have been many technological progresss, which has allowed for increased output of harvests, one such progress is the alteration by Fritz Haber in 1909, the N rep airing unconscious process known as the Haber-Bosch procedure ( Matthews 2005 ) . This procedure has helped feed many 1000000s and saved them from decease and famishment ( Bhagwati 1996 ) . many an(prenominal) other technological progresss such as one from Norm Borlaug where he devised a system to speed up the genteelness of disease-resistant wheat and wedge the root rust fungus in Mexico ( MacKenzie 2009 ) .The additions have non been without cost dirt flavor has been damaged, harvests like bananas have become less genetically diverse, rare strains of living being have been pushed near to extinction, and home grounds have been destroyed. change magnitude demand for meat besides puts force per unit area on agribusiness ( Marshall 2009 ) .However factors such as clime alteration that may take to lifting temperatures, which is accelerated by our over ingestion doing monumental sums of pollution and usage of valuable resources is of great concern to the universes transporting ca pacity and even with the progresss in engineering that worlds succeeded in the hereafter still looks inexorable.The six around widely adult harvests in the universe are wheat, rice, maize, soya beans, barley and sorghum. Result suggest that outputs of corn, cotton and soya bean bead by approximately 0.6 per cent for each degree-day spent above 29 &038 A deg C. At present, unsophisticated parts across the US spend an norm of 57 degree-days above 29 &038 A deg C during the turning season. A turning season could lift to 413 degree-days by the terminal of the century ( barley 2009 ) . Equally early as 2020 several states in Africa are liable(predicate) to see a decrease in harvest outputs by up to 50 % . Droughts in Kenya have become 4 times more(prenominal) common in the last 25 older ages. In 2009, Kenya has had its tertiary fai conduct crop in a row. ( Alagiah 2009 )Overfishing of the universe s oceans has besides led to great harm, doing population clangs in many spec ies although in recent old ages, fish farms have become more widespread and they cut down the load on wild fish but have jobs of their ain with get awaying fish, inordinate nutrient ingestion, infective viruses and louse infestations ( Barley 2009 )The job of increasing population makes the state of affairs much more saturated to pull off. It may be possible that human invention and inventiveness will get the better of any troubles that mankind faces, although it does look that the natural spring of the planets transporting capacity is near to making it s peak with consuming militias of minerals, oil, agricultural outputs and loss of biodiversity and that along with environmental alterations in the universe it will be hard for the full planet and that transporting capacity is a topic that postulate careful consideration today.Alagiah. G ( 2009 ) . BBC Future of Food Television Barley.S ( 2009 ) . climate tipping point defined for US harvest outputs Online . available hypert ext channel communications protocol // name/dn17680-climate-tipping-point-defined-for-us-crop-yields.html Accessed Bhagwati.K ( 1994 ) . No Clean Hands Online procurable hypertext transfer protocol // Accessed 24/01/2010 Ehrlich.P, Ehrlich.A ( 2009 ) . Population Enough of us now Online . procurable hypertext transfer protocol // Accessed23/01/2009 MacKenzie.D ( 1994 ) . Will tomorrow s kids hunger? The People job Online . Available hypertext transfer protocol // Accessed24/01/2010 Mackenzie.D ( 2009 ) . Norm Borlaug the adult male who fed the universe Online . Available hypertext transfer protocol // Accessed 25/01/2010 Marshall. M ( 2009 ) . Instantaneous near Food and Drink Online . Available hypertext transfer protocol // Accessed 25/01/2010 Matthews.R ( 2005 ) . The existent Dr Faustus? Online . Available hypertext transfer protocol // Accessed 23/01/2010 McGraw-Hill ( 2002 ) . vocabulary of Environmental Science. McGraw-Hill. United States.Sayre.N ( 2007 ) . Transporting Capacity Genesis, History and Conceptual Flaws Online . Available hypertext transfer protocol // Accessed 23/01/2010 Unknown ( 2009 ) . 2009 World Population Data Sheet Online . Available hypertext transfer protocol // Accessed 23/01/2010

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Aspects of Contract and Neglegence for Business Essay

gateThis survey focuses on the identification of the aspects of twinge and remissness for credit line. T here(predicate) argon stipulations and peg d ingest in every somebodyal line of credit in recent than before. Verbal commensuratenesss atomic number 18 ordinarily no longer used by the occupationes. Written agreement in the phase angle of bosom is ore prefer able-bodied to alto dieher. besides, the profitability of geld is incomplete if the regulations and aspects atomic number 18 unknown. Well citation of quash in business provides a legal documentation securing the expectations of the parties touch on. Contr interprets incline as a sanctuary tool of the resources. On the contrary, thoughtlessness is rising into the cornerst ace of our establishment for compensating mess for accidental damage and injuries. This is be move it exclusivelyows the courts to portray damages in civil wrong in whatever tidy sum where it is non manageable to do so in tr end. This chronicle allow for help learners to lowstand in and all most the sign on composition and negligence of scram in businesses. larn OBJECTIVES caper 1 Understand the meaty component parts of a valid contr deed in a business context TASK 2 Be able to contain the elements of a nonplus in business circumstances TASK 3 Understand principles of financial pledge in negligence in business activities TASK 4 Be able to apply the principles of responsibility in negligence in business incidents.TASK 1LO 1.1 Importance of the essential elements required for the defining of a valid contract reach out and Acceptance The live onence of an offer and an word meaning are a process of fail the procedure of arrangement to decide whether an agreement has been created. Common consent of the parties is indispensable of an agreement. Without an agreement, contract is impossible. Consideration an some other vital element is consideration of the parties related to the contrac ted cogitation. licit consideration shuffles the parties form a contract. talent Both or all of the parties call for to be capable to deal an agreement. Having psychological disorder, under age etc. make incapacities to form a contract. Consent The perceptiveness would be invalid, if the part doesnt derive without consent. Consent federal agency leave aloneingness of the parties. It  competency be influenced by some(prenominal) issues. Certainty It is compulsory to the slickful of the contract be accepted. hesitancy creates ambiguity in the contract. Lawfulness The subject is central to come into deal or contract legally. Otherwise, it wont be cin one caseive as a contract according to the lawfulness. LO 1.2 Impact of incompatible types of contractBilateral and Unilateral ContractsIf two parties deputise a shared and equal stock-purchase warrant that ensures the execution of a gesture, a load or a transaction or avoidance from execution of a notificatio n or a commitment, concerning each meeting included in the agreement, is called as bilateral contract in the aspects of law. It is also called as a two-sided contract. Unilateral contract is a guarantee provided by one and only collect. The offerer who offers, guarantees to execute a certain gesture or a commitment if the offeree who accepts the offer, coincides on performing an act that is seen as a lawfully enforceable contract. It usually asks for an acknowledgement from the other gathering to get the agreement executed. As a result, it is an imbalanced contract since just the offeror is certain to the court of law nor the offeree. An important objective of this type of agreement is that, the offeree lott be sued for refraining, forsaking or actually neglecting to execute his demonstration, since he doesnt guarantee eachthing. If two parties trades a vernacular and reciprocal promise that implicates the execution of an act, refraining, abandoning or even failing to execute his act, since he does not promise some(prenominal)thing. LO 1.3 Terms in contracts with reference to their meaning and effectCONDITIONSA actor is an important matter of subject which is considered as the basic to the main cause for the formation of agreement. A breach of condition qualifies the equipment casualtyed caller for denying the agreement. WARRANTIESWarranty is a little essential however unavoidable frontier. It is count as a must to the agreement as it is not fundamental. A warranty gives the harmed ships company the in force(p) to claim harms and the claimed companionship thronet revoke the agreement. medium TERMSIt is tough to define a term appropriately before prison term as either a condition or a warranty. A fewer issues may include a naturalize position, in that the term could be surveyed as the outcomes of a end. Considering that a rupture of the term brings about extreme harm, the harmed party provide be qualified for coercing the agreement whe re the break includes minor misfortune, the harmed partys cures will be limited to harm.TASK 2LO 2.1 natural covering of the elements of contractIn the law of contract, the offer and acceptance is so naturalized and signifi basist. The principles of offer and acceptance include a standard offer, acceptance and correspondence nigh the two or much parties or people reservation the agreement is significant. In the give business scenario, it is noticeable that the examples of forming an agreement is when Mr. rump was responded the duty of assuring impudently PC framework. He decided to obtain from beat out reckoners, and marked a business conjugation with that make-up for the supply of reinvigorated machine frameworks. In business concurrence with Best Computers, the legal injury and conditions of the agreement were not clear enough, and Mr. John signed that contract without a bit regard for the all aspects of the assertion, which created a misery for him and few years l ater when they neglected to supply the machines on time and most of them were harmed. That happened because of the contractual subjects were not checked properly. The offer must be unequivocal and immediate to an alternate party to contract. LO 2.2 Application of the law on equipment casualty in different contracts The sale of Goods Act-1979 can be applied in the case of the case in the midst of Linda Green and the wholesaler.The act can be applied in the case in the side by side(p) ways If Linda Green wants a claim under the Sale of Goods Act, she has several possible ways of resolving the issue depending on the circumstances and on what she wants to be done. Well here the rights are against the wholesaler not the manufacturing business as the seller was likely because of the maltreat supply of product. The Sale of Goods Act 1979 gives the right to the buyer to get counterchanged, repaired or refunded if the goods are falling outy and it is returned in the time as per the law provides that is 3-4 weeks after purchase depending on the type and nature of the faulty product. So Linda Green can reject it and get a refund in stipulated time. The retail merchant must repair or replace faulty goods within a presumable time. If dont, Linda will be empower to claim either a diminution on the purchase price or recision. If the retailer refuses, then the compensation can be claimed by repairing it by individual else and collect the amount there of (Simon and Gillian, 2005). But Lindas claims end up in court, and then she has to ratify that the fault was generate when she bought the item and it wasnt the result of prevalent wear and tear. But if it is beyond half a dozen months, expert opinion is required to prove the faulty product. So given the following situations, Linda Green can easily heed in claiming for the faulty goods.LO 2.3 Effects of different termsA proper evaluation of the effects of different terms is necessary to proceed with the contract. Here, a situation was given where some terms are noticeable. The followings are some of the terms of Johns contract with the Best Computers The seller will not carry the take a chance for any damage or misfortune occurred by any flaw in workstation. Parties are able to cancel the request done a former notice of third daylights without acquiring any province for any misfortune. Value paid by clients is not returnable by the establishment at the cancellation of the agreement. These are some essential terms included in Johns contract with the Best Computers. The organization should have been obligated to guarantee the safety of furnishing right machines or any ready(prenominal) items without any mischief. The organization should have been prudent to answer for any occurrence. But conditions should be included in the savvy of the agreement. Creating legalize framework of the cancellation of agreement is moreover urgent throughout the given contract, but making so me terms unnoticed is not lawful, all the terms and conditions involved in an agreement must be head defined and clear enough. TASK 3LO 3.1 Liability in tort with contractual obligationThere are some significant contraventions exist in in the midst of the liability in tort and contractual liability. Some among of them are as contractual obligations are willingly done but tough obligations are implemented by law. Contractual obligations give a release choice to enter in a contractual relationship but tortuous obligations provide no choices. a someone is liable to pay or owes a duty only to the contracted party but liabilities in tort means that a person is liable to owe duty to all as not to defame or trespass others property. A historical difference of formation exists in these two. The contractual liability is created from three parts of actions as debt, contract and sumps spell the liabilities in tort are derived from the right of trespass. Usually liability in cont ract is strict and unavoidable once formed but the tortuous liability is based on fault. Any fault comes into account in the tortuous liability. It is more like common for everybody of a certain matter. The liability in tort is always paid lame care while the liability in contract is not at all. LO 3.2 Nature of liability in negligenceIn the given situation, the direction of the organization is liable for the harms and injuries caused by the guileful floor of their federal agency and they should also be considerable enough to consider themselves safe for the damages or harms caused due the faults in their products. Strict obligation is risk without flaw. call strict risk is not savorless obligation and is worth researching of the law on this zone. As depicted prior that tortuous obligation rotates around obligations settled by law. While strict risk is a standard for obligation which may exist in either by a criminal or civil affiliation. A rule defining strict obligation ma kes an individual legitimately answerable for the harm and misfortune brought on by his or her enactments and oversights paying little heed to culpability. In the given situation the administration of Best Computer is answerable for the damages and wounds brought about by the tricky floor of their office, and they might as well likewise be sufficient to view themselves as effective for the harms or damages initiated due the issues in their items. LO 3.3 Concept and elements of secondary liabilityvicarious liabilityVicarious liability refers liability for the torts of others. It arises due to a relationship between the parties. It is a doctrine of English tort law that imposes strict liability on employers for the wrongdoings of their employees. Generally, an employer will be held liable for any tort committed while an employee is conducting their duties. The vicarious liability nutriment of the legislation are only applicable where the alleged dissimilitude and harassment oc curs in connection with the persons employment. This means the employer may be held vicariously liable for the actions of employees if they have not taken all reasonable locomote to prevent the unlikeness and harassment from occurring both within the usual work milieu and at employer events, such as sponsored seminars, conferences, work functions, Christmas parties, business or field trips. An employer may be vicariously liable for the conduct ofindividual employees or groups of employeesdirectors, supervisors or managers body of work participantsagentscontract workers or people being paid commissiona mate of a company harassing another matchLiability of individualsThe vicarious liability provisions of the legislation do not counter individual persons from being held liable for their own discriminatory or harassing behavior in the workplace or in connection with their employment. It may be that both the employer, who has been rig to have not taken all reasonable steps to pre vent the discrimination and harassment from occurring, and the individual, who is the alleged discriminator or harasser, will be held jointly liable for the behavior.TASK 4LO 4.1 Application of the elements of the tort of negligence There are several components of negligence that obliges that an offend party illustrates the go with four variables. They are The litigant owed an obligation to the offended partyThe litigant step that obligationAs a issuing of the respondents violation of that obligation, the offended party endured damage The damage was a sensibly predictable result of the litigants activity or inactivity In this situation, the innocence is happened when number of people slipped at floor of the Best Computer office. In fact, they may as well inform the wet floor and supply people entering to their office premises.LO 4.2 Application of the elements of vicarious liabilityIt is obligatory for the occupant of premises to guarantee the health and credentials of th e individuals working there. In the given situation it was obligation of the Best Computers to guarantee that their office premises are sheltered for its specialists. The risk appropriate in the given situation will be direct liability on the grounds that the administration is specifically obligated for the wounds created at their premises.CONCLUSIONIt is hoped that this report clarify its purposes of defining and demonstrating the contract and terms and conditions of contract. It also expresses an enough illustration of negligence which is a key fact to the contract. Whatsoever, parties involved within an agreement or contract need to have an well understanding of contract and negligence for every day business dealings which is mentioned in a suitable way in this report.REFERENCESAndrew Burrows,Ewan McKendrick,James Edelman (2007). Cases and materials on the law of restitution 2nd Edition. virgin York Oxford University. BPP Professional Education, (2004). Mandatory Unit 5 Common L aw I supporting(a) foundation degrees. West Midlands, England W M Print. Rose, Nelson (2003). bid and the Law Status of Gambling Laws. California Whittier Law School. 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