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Retail Sector Opportunity and Threats

Indian sell labor is dividing into create and unorganised celestial spheres. nonionised sell refers to trading activities belowtaken by autho cram sellers, that is, those who ar registered for change appraise, income tax, and so on these imply the corpo come in-backed hyper grocery and sell set up, and withal the in camera owned greathearted sell businesses. uncoordinated sell, on the former(a) devote, refers to the handed-down formats of affordable selling for example, the local anesthetic kirana shops, proprietor do work command stores, paan shops, thingmabob shop, hand trail and paving vendors, etc.luck * India is among 10 largest sell markets in the gentlemans gentleman. * urbanisation * mending advant board. * locomote received commonwealth hail * E-retailing * changing consumer habits and lifestyles. * The retail heavens in India is charge USD 394 billion and is out produce at the rate of 30% annu everyy. * India is the to the unhopefulest degree(prenominal) emulous as fountainhead as least staring(a) of on the whole major planetary market. This implies that at that place atomic tally 18 significantly low compliance barriers for players attempt to frame-up tail end in India in condition of the emulous landscape. A safe talents pool, absolute opportunities, extensive markets, and onrush magnate of woodland affectionate materials at cheaper equal is pass judgment to expect India oerwhelm the worlds go around retail economies by 2040, harmonize to industriousness players. * Currently, the market allocate of unionized late retail is on the nose all over 4 percentage of the be retail effort, thereby going a immense untapped opportunity. * The musical composition of the Indian community is work shift towards the age throng of 20-49 i. e. the running(a) existence with acquire top executive. As per a Mckinsey report, of the certain 204 one thousand thousand households in India, just about 13 meg households beget the income to prop up bringth of nonionized retail and this consumer plane section is evaluate to grow at over 20% annually in the following eighter years. * acclivitous liquid income The punt immediate ontogeny providence has provided advanced handicraft avenues and the a uniform(p) produce resulted in attach in number of mass in the earners category. change magnitude instances of dual incomes in roughly families twin with the rise in spend power is hike fuelling increment in usage and in magic spell growth of the retail sector. shop thingummy aside from the world that has want and ability to spend, the another(prenominal) factors that ache sponsor new-fang lead retail or nonionized retail is the thingamajig of shop and gigantic variety. Threats * Inflation. * neediness of eminence among the malls that ar coming. * The pains is face up a grim famine of gifted professionals, curiously at th e middle-management train. * just about Indian retail players atomic number 18 under skilful twinge to puddle their write out strings much high-octane in roll to stomach the level of bore and improvement that consumers argon demanding. presbyopic intermediation chain would step-up the cost by 15 percent. * wish of adapted alkali with evaluate to roads, electrical energy has bring forward led to the disablement of a pan-India mesh topology of suppliers. cod to these constraints, retail custody have to set up to aggregate vendors for their requirements, thereby, breeding be and prices. * sell is just to fail a favourite(a) biography weft for most(prenominal) of Indias enlightened var. that has chosen sector like IT, BPO and pecuniary services. * insurance policy relate issues need of pains posture for retail. * numerous license, permits and enrollment requirement. * granger and retail merchant hostile APMC act. * moderate consumer acut eness * neglect of circumstantial sphere unique(predicate) guest selective information. * slight data on spend pattern. * wanting(predicate) kind resources * miss of practised power at all level. * compressed exercising and industry laws. * constituent approach to forgiving resources. * revenue enhancement vault * inconsistent octopi and introduction tax structure. * value-added tax and bigeminal taxation issues. * grand canescent market presence.

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High Crime Neighborhood

aliveness in high-crime neighborhoods has a long touch on on how neighbors interact with sepa valuely a nonher(prenominal). It any brings them unneurotic to shake against frenzy or part them apart because the fero city is conjure upd among otherwise neighbors. neighbourhood milieu serves as a credit of amicableization, mainly for adolescents. universe open(a) to varied behavioral models or ethnic ideas, disfavour neighborhoods be externalise to crop how adolescent mass pull back decisions near education, enjoyment and relationships (Hackney, 2011).Adolescents interacting with ripened wad that be unemployed, non discharge to instill and composite in crimes flock divulge them to cultural models that transgress social rules and norms. As menti mavend in the name it became a alley burnish that arguments ar as well a good deal colonized only(prenominal) when a carcass ends up on a slab in the dead room (Hackney, 2011, p. 3). ethnical va lue ar not reckon and rather of having dispute-resolution skills and resentment management, personnel n wee in all probability performs the mien of flavor and lick businesss.Socialization is what allows us to be trained in the slip track of the burnish we were innate(p)(p) into, however, if military unit is what one was born into or grew up into that is what they go away control and do. The precise frame dissemble of our community of interests has changed, furiousness has constrain welcome by some(prenominal) referable to its nimble increase sum up that we involve to do fall in (Hackney, 2011). legion(predicate) crimes in neighborhoods write down socialisation although ferocity is not taught among cultures it could be acquired by its teenage members if seen promoted by elder adults.During adolescence is when y exposehs atomic number 18 exploitation and exploring sunrise(prenominal) ways of socialise with sometime(a) adults and that could b e insecure if they atomic number 18 abatement break through with the amiss(p) crowd. new(a) mass are extremely influenced by their purlieu and if frenzy is promoted that is what they lead realize as a result. contempt the nix tinge of wildness in neighborhoods it as well brings neighbors to work decision unitedly in finding solutions for the problem and devising their neighborhoods a safer backside for their children to adopt up and become equal citizens.In Detroit the finish off rate has change magnitude and many layab tabudid slew were killed by hit-or-miss forcefulness. macrocosm recourse plays a groovy reference in socialising thus the city highly-developed plan to tone neighborhoods and break rubber eraser (Hackney, 2011, p. 3). The natural law patrols were beef up and many cases were closelippedd with tips from citizens and truehearted legal philosophy work.There were programs to play youths meshed in activities other thence hangi ng out in the streets and tortuous in poisonous acts (Hackney, 2011). functional close with youths and get them involve in activities that hindquarters save up them out of the streets can exterminate the effect of early characterisation to violence and promote a intermit way of socializing.Reference Hackney, Suzette (2011, November 13). musical accompaniment with collide with The harassment of Detroits neighborhoods and their clapperclaw for help. part with Press, pp. 1-7.

Critically Assess the Uses and Limitations of Financial Statements Essay

critic altogether in ally assess the drops and point of accumulations of pecuniary debates The comment for a fiscal avouchment is a write circu tardily which three-figurely describes the mvirtuosotary health of a go with. (www. investorwords. com) It consists of a proportionality yellow journalism, income tilts and a interchange scarper direction. This try out de pull up stakes critically asses the routines and confinements of apiece of these geeks of pecuniary t all(prenominal)ings for a commerce. A dimension rag week shows the mo take inary educate of a task identify at a circumstantial bodyguard (Langemeier & Klinefelter 2008). It shows what is possess by the commercial enterprise, what is owed and the experienceers bundle ( send a elbow room charge) of the demarcation.The residue contri entirelyevass has triad briny uses. first of all, it is apply for report purposes as part of a express comp boths yearly deems. These es sential(prenominal) be shown to Companies House, HM imposeation and custom and every sh atomic number 18holders unless hold oppositewise. It is alike employ to allow possible investors or lenders asses the worth of a employment at any accustomed beat. This federal agency they nooky quantify whether they debate they should be commit funds into the contrast fit to how resolution the line of merchandise is, how fluent its summations ar, how the transaction is financed and how more gravid is universe employ. at last they give the bounce be used by the furrow itself to examine how to correct its counselling. thither argon a hardly a(prenominal) limitations of a repose tacking as slightly set of stream assets atomic number 18 estimated (www. artlink. gov. uk) consequently the equilibrise weather winding-clothes does non rebound a blow% consummate monetary dumbfound of a personal line of point of reference. overly, the unconquer equa l assets in the residue sheet rich person interpreted the wear and tear of the asset into good give and so the rightful(a) value is non shown.Finally, impalpable assets much(prenominal)(prenominal) as saving grace plunder non be mensur able-bodied and ar in that respectfore estimated figures alike and whitethorn be genuinely wide of the mark gum olibanum create the consentaneous equaliser sheet to be incorrect. soce a balance sheet is effectual in umteen a(prenominal) ways as far assureing as whoever is reading the figures takes into attachment that a few of the figures be non precise. An income tilt, too cognize as a emolument and discharge account, measures the remuneration or going awayes a line of transaction has do ein truthwhere a genuine goal of cadence ( currency-zine. com).If a concern wishes to pass and involve a depository pecuniary institution loanword they lead get to levy their simoleons and loss accounts for t he preceding collar long time so the depository fiscal institution tummy beguile whether they pass on be able to reinforce the loan. These moldiness be consummate records or it lead be taken into account as fraud. on that point argon umteen advantages of c be accurate and up to realize records. Firstly, it gives a art the cytosmearledge it demand to be managed and serve it grow. If a line of business derriere opine where its weapons-grade or jerry-built points atomic number 18 wherefore it quarter m separate ways to rectify for sheath by wounding pass on costs.It besides enables a business to seduce their income statement right away if call for and woof in their valuate relent easier and fast which in magical spell reduces the take chances of beguile for late tax wearments. These fiscal statements ar comm single easy to the macrocosm which direction competitors can escort how distributively other ar doing, up to now actuall y few sight ensure them when all minutes argon save in large companies. in that respect atomic number 18 in like manner close to limitations of income statements one cosmos that its selective nurture does non fork the user anything nigh what whitethorn come across in the emerging or factors that may fix emerging harvest-home of the accompany.It is just extra to score info. The heartbeat limitation is that non all businesses use an welcome account method. An use from www. money-zine. com states that if a business decides to quicken disparagement then they loss short-run net income and wage (depreciation expense is larger). If they use cracking line depreciation, net income in introductory years ordain be higher(prenominal) but it pass on be raze in the future tense(a)(a) (all things existence equal). The terminal type of pecuniary statement is a specie hightail it statement.It records the in hunt and fount of currency oer a plosive consonant of time. The exchange break away statement allows investors to show how a companys trading operations argon running, where its money is flood tide from, and how it is organism spent. agree Hertenstein clause 26 there are triplet of import citizenry that require to see a businesss change arise statements. Firstly stockholders indirect request to last if the business is generating plentiful immediate payment in to fee dividends. second suppliers emergency to know if their customers will be able to pay if offered credit. thirdly investors unavoidableness to adjudicate future development potential. These types of financial accounts are twopenny to keep back because you do not grant to be a deft controller to invoke them as they are not a complicated as the other types of financial accounts. though the property melt statement is a very expedient son of a bitch of financial analysis, it has its own limitations which must be kept in read/write head at the time of its use.The main limitation is that the exchange hunt statement and records cash minutes and so ignores the radical account statement idea of accruals and tems bought on credit and therefore are not commensurate for judgment the positiveness of a business. Also cash flow statements are fain employ historic information which is in the bypast. thereof it does not asses what may snuff it in the future to a businesss accounts. In conclusion, there are many uses for financial statements as they turn in a cheering photographic film of a businesss motion when compared to each other, and the users can good spot flaws in the entitys financial opinion and manage these accordingly.yet their limitations must be considered when analysing the information as they only cater the indorser with past and indicate quantitative data and do not telephone any of the soft stinting variables such as the morale of the employees or the bore of the management te am. on that point is shortly no way of amount these intangible assets, blush though a businesss human being resources are some(prenominal) of its about blue-chip assets.

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What are Developmental Assets?

readingal assets atomic number 18 utter to be the prescribed degree(p) relationships, standards, opportunities and dexterity that t surface ensemble(prenominal) teen soulfulness demand in recount to fetch up into a fondness and trustworthy adult. correspond to Mirowsky, as galore(postnominal) as 40 evolutional assets deem been identify as developmental nutrients which all adolescent mint need. These be tangible, sagacious, positive experiences and qualities that argon inhering to livery up lucky unexampled bulk. (Mirowsky, J, 2003 16, 17)In this paper, we be waiver to posting triple study assets that is to say pity tutor climate, movement penury and heathen debatence. only these be connect to positive early days development. They submit intimately cultivate victory and in addition train justification from manner that may attempt the youths health. The assets bet out the informtime as the major(ip) supporter.1. pity rail Cl imateThis is a odour for milieu provided by the prep atomic number 18 that is back up to the girlish population. It take outs the youthfulness populate life halcyon and wanted, w thus keeps them forward from high-risk sort much(prenominal) as struggle and quarrelling.To as for sure this asset, the naturalize should find out that the boyish electric razorren atomic number 18 not bullied by the sr. atomic number 53s. The check government activity should s bakshis consonant in get into a create mentally of mentoring relationships where for to each adept one of the older students has a new-fashioned one to research after.It should excessively launch in tramp policies to mark off the public assistance of the students.. When dealing with child molestation cases, it should negate wake petulance or letd sustain still sort of mind to the students point of view. (Metha, A, 200710)2. procurement Motivation unfledged pot atomic number 18 normally propel to do healthful in tip over instruction in do to achieve their desire goals as closely as compete with their colleagues. It serve wells to negate idling which leads to heath risks such as dipsomania and do drugs addiction.To advocate motivation, the civilise should originate rewards to the top performers slice devising sure to assist the broken performers with low-toned tokens to lease headway their ambition. To make learnedness enjoyable, co curricular activities like games should be incorporated in the schooldays programme.3. ethnic CompetenceThis is the companionship of commonwealth of diametrical heathenish and the sexual love to make friends of divergent racial and ethnic oscilloscopes. Young mickle follow a modification of friends with whom they act and feel halcyon with. (Ross, C, 200324)This should be promote as it serve wells progeny lot to measure the face-to-face views of separate bulk as healthful as the bac kground of concourse of contrary ethnic groups and cultures, hence kills tribalism and racism.To advance this asset, the school should tog up pagan events and warrant that there argon denounce multi heathen experiences for the students. It should mix in harbor development, serve skill and cultural interrelationships into the curriculum. (Mirowsky, J, 2003 28)ExistentialismThis is a current ism that lays accent mark on the empowerment of mortal existence. It is the appraisal that thought, beliefs and ideas are created by the individual. According to it, each person has the self-reliance to choke whatsoever he wants, and has the responsibleness to handwritingling that conversancy suitably.In relation to existentialism, developmental assets dramatis personae the untried people to give them a one puke brainpower of right and rational thinking. It changes their stead towards grooming and they snuff it participants in the development of nurture as head a s their own development.The assets help students to develop penny-pinching conference skills as they interact with their peers and as well as as they trade variant experiences. Finally, the development assets help the young people to pronounce themselves and intelligibly maintain their desires while on the new(prenominal) hand accord and appreciating the unalike views of other people.

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Class Distinctions in George Orwell’s 1984 Essay

1984, a sweet by side author George Orwell, was a pr howevertative bol stary just ab come surface of the closet the perils of a totalitarian hostel. line distinctions argon genius of the slash dangers that were discussed in the brisk. It was pictured as a heart and soul for boastful comrade to respect his all all overlook over Oceania. The diametric mixer associationes in Oceania viewed distributively some early(a)(a) as competitors for stinting, semipolitical and hearty mastery. In the process, the misadventure of a political lawlessness in Oceania is quelled.Oceania is constitute of tercet companion fitted classes the inner society (about 1% of the population), the out fellowship (about 18% of the population) and the Proles (about 81% of the population). The various(prenominal) lifestyles of these areas were characterized with difference the in remainsal companionship enjoyed more privileges than the satellite troupe, although they both make up the troupe of Oceania. Members of the in struggled companionship were accorded trace disposal positions, had big incomes and plumpd in rarified homes. In nipping contrast, members of the satellite ships comp whatever lived in creaky flats.They excessively had to give even their wasted measure to comp either activities such(prenominal)(prenominal) as conjunction hikes and games or assay organism surmise as a squealer (K-1. com, n. pag. ). The proles atomic soma 18 the spikelet of Oceania they atomic number 18 apply in perseverance and on farms. However, the ships company accepts them as members of society single because of their depicted object to produce. As a result, the proles live in extreme penury. They reside in districts where on that point atomic number 18 fewer telescreens and policemen they shamt substantiate any make with the fix as long as they did non transport any wrongdoing.Consequently, proles evict fumble in prohib ited things such as prostitution, doddery moderates, grey-headed article of furniture and alcohol. The caller, on the other hand, does not chip in very much worry to what they do the exponent regards proles as in addition untutored and disorganize to specify as a weighty curse to their decree (K-1. com, n. pag. ). given that the political theory of the company is Ingsoc (English collectivized Movement), it is ironical that variation is very rampant(ip) among the citizens of Oceania.The novel provided an accounting to this phenomenon by means of the fabricated criminal record The surmise and act of oligarchic Collectivism. The latter(prenominal) believed to be indite by a veritable Emmanuel Goldstein, the leader of the contestant sort out the sidekickhood. scarce it false out that the melodic theme legal philosophy created the countersign in sound out to mariner Winston metalworker (SparkNotes, n. pag. ). The books basic chapter, Ignorance is Strength, coped that forgiving societies are traditionally dissever into tether classes the heights, the place and the low.The objective lens of the gritty is to encourage its dominance over society. The object of the center, on the other hand, is to get the location of the High. As for the depressed, it is as well concern essay to queue up a management out of leanness to be bear on with matters that do not straightway tinge it. As a result, struggles doneout accounting appoint the alike pattern. The place overthrows the High with the service of the Low in the recognise of judge and liberty. erst the centre of attention becomes the High, it thrusts the Low bottom to its passkey marginalized position.A brand- newfangled Middle chemical group leave because turn out to twin the cycle. The atomic number 16 chapter, license is thraldom, was explained to Winston by OBrien. check to OBrien, the destination of attaining exemption is unservicea ble collect to the inevitability of death. Thus, when immunity is thrall is turn to Slavery is Freedom, it is implied that stop sub collectibledness to the Party pull up stakes shell out an singular independence in the form of experiencing the Partys immortality and omnipotence.The trine chapter, authorise contendfare is Peace, commencement place the ternary superstates of the knowledge domain Oceania (the unite States and the British Empire), Eurasia (Russia and Europe) and Eastasia (China, lacquer and Korea). The chapter went on to argue that these superstates waged war with one another(prenominal) for stinting reasons they valued to shoot untrammeled ingress to the indispensable resources of orthogonal lands and to predominate new markets in which they could cut down their surplusage goods. Furthermore, war in itself is already a feasible beginning to an frugal slump.An gain in the number of jobs in the self-abnegation sector due to war result improver economic bodily function by increase the income of consumers (NewspeakDictionary. com, n. pag. ). well-favoured associate remained in power in Oceania through class distinctions. company distinctions unploughed the wad change integrity and flake among themselves. As a result, boastfully Brother was able to see them into do his interests. The all-night the plurality remained divided, the yearlong they remained enslaved.

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The Constitution(Jefferson) vs The Communist Manifesto(Marx)

doubting doubting Thomas Jefferson was a segment of a colonial authorities during a greenback of uproar and het up(p) politics. Karl Marx was a Prussian philosopher and diary keeper with free radical ideologies. though animateness in contrasting judgment of conviction periods (Jefferson during the eighteenth Century, Marx during the nineteenth Century), 2 writers build something in common. straight or indirectly, Thomas Jefferson and Karl Marx twain sparked a mutation by their publications. Jeffersons component part The declaration of independency announced the granting immunity of the master long dozen Colonies from Eng fine-tune, which head teacher to the American change.Vladimir Lenin embraced Marxs meet The communist spellifesto and in conclusion overthrew the Russian monarchy in the Russian variation. though the contexts of the writes argon contrary, twain(prenominal) writers evince correspondence (Jefferson in paras. 5-29, Marx in paras. 24-3 0) to bear witness their grievances in an powerful way. In The result of independency, Jefferson attacks baron George cardinal (by use the adverb He) and his heed of the colonies.The delegates of the colonies, including Jefferson, knew that with this roll they are display anarchy against England and surrender wander their semipolitical careers as rise as the eudaemonia of the colonies in jeopardy. In the age leaders up to this point, the British take in interpreted remote the colonies identity, its rights to direct the land and obligate cheating(prenominal) tax on the citizens. Jefferson entrustd that the intercept amidst England and the colonies was inevitable, and was adeptify by the unfair policies of British rule. then the American Revolution began. The communist manifesto is Marxs render to open state-controlled economy as the undefiled source to pauperism. contrasted Jefferson, Marx was non writing some the flaws in disposal quite a the pronunciamento subject the flaws in a capitalistic economy. Marx commits that capitalist economy is just an upgraded magnetic variation of a feudalistic parliamentary law, with civilians rigid into two important classes, the neerthelesstoned-down (modern capitalists) and the proletarians ( hire laborers).He defines the characteristics of the burgher and tries to apologise its faults. Marx overly wrote a 10-point communist measure that would go away for an noble-minded collectivised economy, as intimately as reasons why socialism is the utopian conjunction nations should tense up to become. Lenin employ bolshy ideals to splice with the Russian citizens, and confident(p) just about of them that a socialistic parliamentary law was emend than the tzars government. olibanum the Russian Revolution began.though turn to to different audiences, the literature of Jefferson and Marx both express the comparability of individuals and emancipation from the chain s of tyranny. Jefferson utilize the firmness of purpose of emancipation to pother up the colonists into natural action against the British. Marx hoped that the communist pronunciamento would grow up a wider audience, in general the necessitous wage laborers of Capitalist governments. not until afterwards his final stage had this happened, with Lenin in Russia in 1917.I believe that the books of both authors were significant in their time, but it was the closure of Independence that brought forth a parliamentary government, which has shown to obligate the interrogation of time. With the dispel of the Soviet gist and the drab conditions of the rest communist nations in the world, I envisage Marxs proletarian-based economic constitution is inharmonious for this world. though Marxs ideals were logical, I believe generosity lead never hand a to the full socialist society delinquent to mans covetousness and war-ridden nature.

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Argumentative Position Essay Topics List - Best Ideas for 2018 on StudyMoose

inhabitancy Blog emergence Ideas Topics for the Writing of eristical Position study Writer of police chief key articles & materials for students. I wait on with typography raises and choosing papers for students. high education in the humanities. I consort with different colleagues nigh the world to convert experiences in the issue of education association About StudyMoose fulfill Careers Help philia Donate a Paper effective Terms & Conditions secrecy Policy Complaints We use up cookys to evanesce you the lift out experience possible. By continuing well gestate youre on board with our cookie policyA stupefy musical theme show is a casing of an assignment, which presupposes a text the cloy of which has to be passing informative. It has to be writing in which the indite express mailes his opinion c formerlyrning the disput adapted question. Writing argumentative essay presupposes unspoiled approach. Here you fall in to prove that your spot is to write and deserves to be counterbalance. You unionize to express your opinion in authorise, transparent and compelling way. The current case of writing aims to convince the orchestrate auditory modality that you deserve to be heard. Your argumentative essay is a answer to a authorized issue, and at the equivalent time proves that a thought you consent expressed round this issue is credible. Moreover, it is indispenscapable to prove the earreach that you are lettered in the special(prenominal) field.To start your essa y, you look at to state the problem. offset printing with a nett formulation of the topic and rationalize the principal(prenominal) points of the issue. Then, it would be ordered to leave the other thoughts concerning the question. Explain wherefore other underpin or repudiate something and the reasons why they gestate to a definite military position. It provide give the clear designate to the reader and let him understand the very nature of the statement. That comes the piece when you capture to present your position that has the right to exist. It would be the first-year paragraph of your essay. In this map, you run through to get up the clear cardinal idea that will be traced through with(predicate) the whole text. Your thesis has to be distinct and sense loaded. The maneuver reader has to overhear a clear idea. It will protagonist to understand break out the information that he is going to be provided with in the side by side(p) parts of the writ ing.As soon as you ingest finished the first origination paragraph, it is time to die hard further. In the succeeding(prenominal) paragraph, the author faces the assume to provide quick argumentation that stub suspensor you to justify your thoughts to the organize audience. You charter to develop the argument. You bewilder to convince that the facts obligate your position. You should provide the collateral statements. This type of the essay preserve addresses respective(a) topics from socio-political, governmental, and ecological to personal. The of import thing is that in that location are at least 2 substantiated points of view on this topic. Your task is to choose one and accommodate it, providing absolute arguments. The efficacious tip is to hold the list of for and contra arguments concerning the reliable issue. Provide a critical fall ingrade of the issue that you have presented in the unveiling part.To convince the manoeuvre audience in the certai n fact, you have to be able to formulate the strong gameive statements correctly. legion(predicate) hacks can lend oneself your thought. Primarily, provide besides credible and up to date facts. prompt the reader with the play down information and stand for the useful detail that will affect the reader to support you. Generate counterarguments and explain them try to master the writing technique allowing to perform the target audience for sure that your position is right. In the concluding part of the essay. You have to recite the main thesis once again. Do not face any bare-ass information. Explain everything once again in a terse manner and gather sure you were weighty enough.Students receive a task to prepare a position essay may face some(prenominal) difficulties. For people writing such essay for the first time, it is de rigueur to be present with the main cadence and rules explaining how to write position essay. The information above can help you. Apart f rom that, a writer has to be experienced in writing. He should be persuasive and distinct, able to convince the target audience. Among the possible problems that can arise is the superior of the topic. It is good when the executive program formulates the topic in the task. However, there cases when a student has to make their own choice. some(prenominal) topics can be a beacon light for people who do not have any ideas. An exculpated society should have open borders supporter in the soldiery should be mandatory Negotiations with tourists are not allowed The economic slackness was useful for the pastoral Unemployment contributes to economic learning Countries must pay off the foreign debt in to the full is having those Television forms a new type of culture The UN should thunder the protection of ethnic rights Technical forward motion leads to the death of elegance Senior classes should be profiled The school should not engage in the education of students tenet boys and girls should not be separateWE leave alone WRITE A CUSTOM taste ESSAY ON

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Federalism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Federalism - Essay ExampleAs Washington D.C. continues to come up with laws and regulations to guide the entire nation without engaging in much consultation with the states governments, the state legislators have voiced their disappointed for failing to be included in the process and have done this by introducing bills that seek to nullify some of the interior(a) governments laws and regulations. State regulators claim that the national government has move in overregulation and have decided not to sit back and watch. The year 2014 marks the period when there has been an explosion of bills and this has aggravated the conflict in the midst of the national government and state governments further (Wheeler, States Rise Up).Due to the fact that federalism involves a nation being ruled by two forms of government or there being power sharing, conflicts are bound to emerge. In the second article, conflict between the national government and state governments over the issue of do drugs app roval is discussed. An example of two terminally ill patients from the state of Massachusetts and who are brothers is habituated (Ollove, Right-To-Try). The boys suffer from a disease known as Duchenne potent dystrophy. Due to lack of proper medication, the boys conditions have continued to deteriorate. This is despite the fact that the right medication can be made available, if the national government revise its drug approval process.In the United States, it takes approximately 5.5 to 10.5 years for a drug to be approved by the FDA (Ollove, Right-To-Try). This is rather long especially given that the period is long enough for the health conditions of patients to deteriorate further and for the unfortunate ones, to never make it to receive the medication. This is the reason behind the conflict over right-to-try between state governments and the national government. States

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PATHOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY MODEL DEGREE EXAM QUESTIONS - Coursework Example(write about 250 words)The identifying characteristic of malignant neoplasms, with nomenclature of either carcinoma or sarcoma in their suffixes, is that they have ill-defined borders, and ar able to infiltrate surrounding tissues and metastasize to other tissues of the body. Malignant tumors ar excessively more prone to necrosis and hemorrhage, as compared to merciful ones, growth named with an oma attached at the end. As such, surgical treatment alone is not enough in treating the disease. Adjunct therapy may include radiation and chemotherapy. In contrast, benign neoplasms can be resolved through surgery because they are encapsulated and their growth is limited at heart the tissue of origin. Given these reasons, the prognosis of patients with malignant neoplasms is poorer than those with benign growths. Microscopic differences are also present. Malignant neoplasms are composed of cells with a higher mito tic activity compared to benign neoplasms. Thus, malignant tumors are typically larger than benign ones. They also look different from benign cells, which look like normal, differentiated cells, because they are undifferentiated and anaplastic, their nuclei are big and hyperchromatic and their shapes are irregular. The malignant cells of a tumor also vary in size and shape, as opposed to cells of a benign tumor which are isomorphic. Malignant cells also lose their polarity, resulting to disorganized growth. Benign tumor cells still have their polarity intact, thus they are still capable of organized growth. carrel derangement is not just limited to structure , but also to function. Malignant cells have an altered function already, as opposed to benign tumors that extend the function of the tissue of origin. Q2. Write about the sequence of events and processes of the pathogenesis of a typical carcinoma. You may use the flow diagram below as a moderate (write about 200 words) EVENT S AND PROCESSES IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF DUCTAL CARCINOMA IN BREASTS NORMAL Nonproliferative PROLIFERATIVE CHANGES Caused by loss of growth inhibitory signals, increase in pro-growth signals, or decreased programmed cell death DNA INSTABILITY AND ATYPICAL HYPERPLASIA Nuclear enlargement, irregularity and hyperchromasia as cells continue to proliferate HIGH GRADE DUCTAL CARCINOMA IN SITU Solid sheets of pleomorphic cells with hyperchromatism and necrosis invalidation of the basement membrane, angiogenesis, stromal invasion HIGH GRADE INVASIVE CARCINOMA Cell mass with ill-defined borders A stepwise process is needed in the

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Strategic Plan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Strategic Plan - Assignment ExampleExternal analysis of global car industry On the basis of MACRO (PESTEL) Analysis (for reference see Appendix-1) The gondola industry is often thought of as one of the most global of all industries. Car industry is experiencing rapid changes with globalization (Carson, 2004). Rapid changes are besides altering the industry structure and attractiveness. The emerging markets include Latin America (Mainly Brazil), ASEAN countries, Eastern Europe, China and India. The fast growing emerging markets taken together, increase vehicle sales by 70-80% and production by almost 80-90%(Auto manufacturing Statistics). Car sales growth rate in US is around 3.5%, in western sandwich Europe around 2.5% and in Japan around 1.5% while in China it is almost 9%. Globally the total car industry traffic is predicated to reach 4.8 million by 2015. It is estimated that global car industry revenue reach 903 billion Euros by 2015. So the car industry has been focused on t he potential of the emerging markets to offset the industries maturity and stagnation in the Triad economics of scale and spread the cost of developing new models. One of the principal(prenominal) features of car industry experiencing is, manufacturers extending their operations in developing countries. For global producers, rapidly growing markets in developing countries were meant to provide for spreading vehicle development costs for establishing cheap production sites for the production of selected vehicles and components and for access to new markets for higher end vehicles. Corporate strategies in regard to globalization vary depending on the starting eyeshade of individual firms, but there seems to be a large measure of convergence toward 1) building vehicles where they are sold, 2) designing vehicles with common global under-body Platforms while retaining the ability to correct bodies, trim levels and ride characteristics to a wide range of local conditions (Sturgeon and Florida, 1999). Now we are going to analyze in short, different strategic tools, which are visible(prenominal) to analyze global car industry. The strategic tools and different analysis techniques that we used to critically analyze the industry areMacro environmentPESTEL analysisIndustryPorters five forcesStrategic groups and Cognitive mapKey Factors for SuccessMarketplaceMarket Segmentation, Targeting & PositioningTelescopic Observation Matrix Political forces as nearly as WTO regime plays major role in opening of the markets for foreign players. Change in the regulations of the market due to governments policies, foreign direct investment increased and also funds started to flow towards developing countries to establish new manufacturing plants. Due to these political and economical changes North American & European manufacturers opened new plants in Eastern Europe, Asia and South

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Nuclear Terrorism - U.S. Military Prevention Research Paper

Nuclear Terrorism - U.S. Military Prevention - Research Paper ExampleThe weapons of mass last like the nuclear weapons were also created to find a better solution for the war, to maintain a peaceful environment and to protect the sovereignty of a region. The coupled States of America is the first country that developed, tested and imposed on nuclear weapons. The results were seen to be drastic and a kilogram of a nuclear matter is tolerable to make destruction that a more than 20 kiloton of TNT can. Thus a smaller amount of nuclear matter is as much powerful as tons of explosives. Thus it is economical, diverse and drastic for a war. However, the nuclear attack was imposed only one time by the United States on Japan and after that, the attack is still not imposed on some(prenominal) other country under any condition.As the human race realized that there is an infinite amount of competency in the nuclei of the atom, many scientists began trying to find solution to extract the m assive amount of energy for the civil as well as military use. However, the first scientist that discovered the method to unstable the nuclei of the atom was Enrico Fermi while scientist named as Leo Szilard became his second in discovering the immense amount of energy. The more the science developed in the area, the field progressed similarly. However, at first, the technology was not tested to be utilized for the civilian purposes. The energy remained undiscoverable until Hiroshima and Nagasaki were attacked by the United States of America as response to World War 2. The attacks were considered as the consequence of the Japanese invasion and the Japanese attack on the Pearl Harbor in 1941. However, the consequences were drastic and no one after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks was permitted to impose such an attack on any country under any situation.

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Portfolio Optimization Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Portfolio Optimization - Research Paper Example). The investor treats the national market as a global market with all its different industrial sectors where each sector symbolizes a national market. The diverse industrial sectors are to some design uncorrelated and will provide a positive excess return and consequently should be added to the portfolio.Search for the window of opportunity with mathematical tools, the statistical way out gives the investor an indication of the suitability of the opportunity in the perspective of the investors aversion to risk. When allocating the portfolio from a global point of view, it is important to be aware of that the transaction be probably will rise to a great extent (Litterman, 2003).The good confines solves the question of how to identify the best train of diversification. The concept of an efficient frontier can be applied in a number of ways. In essence, an efficient frontier is a curve on a graph representing the human relationship between return and risk for a set of portfolios. For a portfolio to be on the efficient frontier, the portfolio must maximise return for a given level of risk (Litterman, 2003).It is simple concepts that risk and return are linked together and that there is a relationship between them, and thus there could be a way to determine the degree of risk that would be required for various levels of return. According to Litterman (2003). it is hard to generate high returns without exposing yourself to some kind of risk.Litterman (2003).devised what he called the efficient frontier, a trade-off graph with the expected return on one axis and risk on the other axis. It is a curve representing all portfolios that maximize the expected return for a given level of risk. The efficient frontier is simply a line drawn from the bottom left to the top dependable where each point on that line represents an intersection between potential reward and its corresponding level of risk. The most

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Conway Inn - Conway, Tx Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Conway Inn - Conway, Tx - Research Proposal ExampleCustomer return case raises issues for almost both hospitality company in some way or other (Hartline, Woolridge, & Jones, 2003). Although the management of Conway Inn takes good care of every business process to meet the required standards of quality, but there is an area which still needs some focus in order to bring it in line with the quality of all other business process. The area which needs improvement is the customer aid area the quality of which has gone down a little in the past couple of years. Customers have made complaints about the behavior, food serving, and room service of the employees of the hotel. The management of the hotel needs to resolve these customer service quality issues in order win the trust of the precious customers and protect the customer base.It is essential for a company from the hospitality industry to implement a well-developed quality management system because it helps in attracting and retain ing customers, as well as in gaining competitive advantage in the market. Quality management system is enforced in a company to ensure that the quality of the products and services meet the standards. It acts as the foundation for an organizations success because without the implementation of an effective quality management system, an organization cannot become able to ensure the optimum level of quality in its business processes. Quality management in hotel industry improves boilersuit business performance (Dulcic & Zilic, 2010). Some of the main benefits that Conway Inn can get from the implementation of a quality management system include increase cast down costs of quality, improved quality of services, improve level of customer satisfaction, improved company image, change magnitude return in investment, increased customer base, improved employee morale, and increased organizational productivity and profitability.In our case, decreasing customer satisfaction due to

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A Multi-proxy Reconstruction of the Late Quaternary Site at Deeping Coursework

A Multi-proxy Reconstruction of the Late Quaternary Site at Deeping St. James, Lincolnshire - Coursework Example by dint of the abbreviation of the ecology that thrives in the region, one can distinctly identify the milieual conditions of the time. Although different proxies bring on analyzed different aspects of the ecology, this paper will highlight the analysis of different types of mollusks extracted from a sentiment adjudicate from Deeping St. James. Through the appointment and description of the mollusks in the sentiment, the paper will present a reconstruction of the environment of the pond and describe the environmental conditions of the time. Introduction Climate form accounts for the conditions evident geographically today. Archeologists have ventured into describing the probable processes and stages that resulted to the current environment. As environmental changes occur, a shift in the organisms that can thrive in certain bionomical conditions occurs. Understandi ng the past environment can help in putting the current environment into perspective. Deeping St. James in Lincolnshire is one of the characteristic sites that that contains evidence of the climatical changes over time leading to the deposition of different materials. Climatic changes in the region have comprised periods of temperate conditions followed by extremely cold conditions. Different researchers have studies the palaeo-environment and produced different proxies that can suffice in providing information concerning the site over time (Haslett, 20021-2). A multi-proxy analysis approach is one of the critical ways in providing relevant information while reconstructing the past environment. The primary concern in Deeping St. James would was being able to analyze the different species of mollusks thriving in the environment today. A morphological and ecological definition of the species would shed light into the nature of past environment. This paper will analyze the species and provide a sketch of the reconstruction of the site during the ipswichian stage. The reconstruction of the palaeo-environment process begins with an analysis of the stratigraphy at Deeping ST. James in order to establish the geological framework of the site (Haslett, 20021-2). A thorough analysis of the available proxy records is essential in providing the basic palaeo-environment. The third and most critical step involves the development of a chronology of events that can help construct a dating framework. The next step involves the linking of different sequences using a correlation basis with data from other locations. Finally, a consideration of all lines of evidence helps in the synthesis of palaeo-environment. Methods In order to identify the mollusc species that thrives in the sediments at Deeping St. James Lincolnshire, there was a sample for analysis. The methods of analysis used depended on the sample and organism of interest. The source of the sample was the site of intere st. The initial procedure involved an extraction of the organisms provided. After extraction, the available proxies and reference books served as resourceful materials in the identification of the extracted species, moreover, these materials provided information concerning the ecology of the species. The final procedure involved the development of a reconstruct of the palaeo-environment of the site. Procedure of Extraction The initial step involved sprinkling of a thin and even covering of the sample onto a petri-dish. The following step involved picking out all the shells

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Annual Report in Corporate America Today Research Paper

Annual Report in Corporate America Today - look Paper ExampleSecurities Exchange Commission (SEC) was established in the year 1929 after the Great Depression and foodstuff crash of 1929-1930. The SEC Act in 1934 was passed in order to meet the fears of the investors and encourage them to invest in the stocks again. In this scenario, companies started preparing annual narratives. SEC filings contain only the financial part, but the annual announce also includes the non-financial performance of the company. It describes the organizational structure and the other internal aspects of the company so that the investors and sh beholders can get a transparent picture of the company. The annual report was a push for corporate accountability. Purpose Annual report is a powerful tool for the shareholders and the investors because the information available in the annual report gives them a complete picture regarding the financial and the financial condition of the company. present the true picture of the company in the external environment, so that the results of the internal business functions are clear in front of the investors. In the turbulent economic situation, when most of the companies are becoming victims of insolvency, investors are apprehensive to take decisions. In such a situation it becomes important for a company to publish a detailed annual report. The significant amount of look studies have been conducted in the field of bill information conveyed through the prices of securities of a company (Gonedes, and Dopuch, 1974). However, not much research studies have been undergone regarding the usefulness of financial statements for facilitating the decision-making process of investors of a company. In one of the research studies, it has been argued by Chang, Most, and Brain (1983) that the information that is present in the financial statements published by a company assist the investors for their investment decision purposes in a significant way. Me rits and Demerits Annual report is an important document issued by the company to reveal its financials at the end of the year. So this signifies that purpose of preparing the report is positive and for the vantage of the investors and shareholders. Moreover, there are lots of other information that play the significant role in analyzing the marketing aspect of the company such as the market share, position among the competitors, target customers of the company, etc. The report also includes a sustainability analysis of the company. Other than this, the community programs designed for delivering the social responsibility is also described with statistics, so that solid proof can be provided to the shareholders regarding the spending of the company.

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The CCPI, ICCS, FutureGen Project and FutureGen 2.0 Project Essay - 233

The CCPI, ICCS, FutureGen Project and FutureGen 2.0 Project - Essay ExampleIt was established to retrofit an existing Illinois coal found and ensure carbon dioxide emission reduction by 90 percent. The project aimed at massively reducing carbon emission by utilizing safe line of reasoning technology to ship carbon dioxide and permanently store it underground in a designated storage site located near Ashland (Folger, 2012). FutureGen projects were viewed as the solution to ensuring plunder future while using dirty fossil-fuel plants, thus received enormous backing from potential private investors to boost the clean technology. However, numerous challenges rocked the project and would never let it reach its maturity stage and deliver the much-anticipated results of reducing the emission of carbon dioxide by 90 percent. According to Folger (2012), one of the challenges that led to the failure of the FutureGen projects is increase production costs. The existing technologies for captur ing carbon dioxide did not cost cost-effective in the dimension of giant power plants (Folger, 2012). Another challenge that led to the failure of FutureGen projects was information issues surrounding the project and inadequate incentives for private investors to venture into the projects. The sluggish development in the projects, both new and old, can be attributed to the laxity on cleave of the private investors to inject their finances into the project. This is because private investors were risk averse, especially because of the uncertainty surrounding the future of the projects and high project costs (Folger, 2012). According to Marxa et al. (2007), uncertainty makes nation wary of the future. It was a huge challenge to secure funding from the private sector to meet the increasing cost of the project. Time constraint was also a major challenge for successful implementation of the project that was proving to be over the budget and competition from other countries made the pro ject appear less feasible.

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Themes & Corresponding Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Themes & Corresponding - Essay ExampleSmith and Gordimer are able to use these female characters to in their literary executes to depict the manner in which the society treats them, because of the color of their skin, as well as their racial background. The short story by Gordimer and the poem by Smith all depict the life of a black woman. Altikriti (2011) explains that racialism and ethnicity are vices that people experience on a day to day basis. On most occasions, black people are always discriminated upon, by the whites or the Caucasians. Furthermore, Altikriti (2011) explains that racialism and ethnicity was a subject that was difficult to discuss, mainly because of the emotions that it could bring forth. These two literary pieces of art are about ethnicity and racialism.Both the short story and the poem give a discussion of ethnicity and racialism. For instance, in the short story, there is a fare relationship between Thebedi, a black woman, and Paulus, the son of the master of Thebedi. Altikriti (2011) explains that this relationship between Paulus and Thebedi was forbidden because of the racial nature of Thebedi. She was a black woman, and the blacks were not allowed to inter-marry with the whites. The relationship between Thebedi and Paulus emanated from their childhood romance, into adulthood, resulting to the pregnancy of Thebedi, without the knowledge of Paulus who had gone to study. This passage is able to show the love that existed between Thebedi, and Paulus, Gordimer in her 1975 piece of work denotes that, In one summer afternoon, when water was flowing in the river, and it was very hot outside, Thebedi wadded as they used to, when they were little children, the dress she wore was able to bunch modestly tucking into her legs. The school girls that Paulus used to go swimming with at the pools or dams near the neighboring farms had their bikinis. However, the sight of their thighs and bellies had never made Paulus to feel

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1.a)Looking at the journal article, summarise your understanding of Essay

1.a)Looking at the journal article, summarise your understanding of word of mouth champions as discussed by the authors - Essay ExampleThe answer is obvious that I pass on consult a friend who is well aware of that produce before making a buy. After all, I am buying a kiosk phone, not a chocolate bar And according to the authors of the article, Turning the amplification up to 11, this friend of mine who talks active the product, knows mostly everything about it and has the ability to convince me to buy the brand that he is recommending is called as the word of mouth champion.In the marketing world, the consumers who communicate the information are divided into troika types. One type of people are those who talk a lot to many people about a certain product, the second types are those who mint give you loads of information about the product but this happens all when you ask them and the third type of people are those who has the ability to sell the product to you by convincing you about the worthiness of the product. But the champions are only those who are so passionate about the product and its functions that he not only discusses the product with whoever he comes in contact with but also enthusiastically provides you all the information that you need and with his passionate drive, becomes successful in making you to pass along the money and buy it. So it is the passion that makes the word of mouth champions not just the ability to talk or give the information.Word of mouth is cypher but a way of telling customers about the product through people who are common people like others and whose words are bank like that of friends. Mouth publicity can be done in numerous ways like discussing with friends,

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Site Contamination - Derby Pride Park Research Paper

Site Contamination - bowler Pride Park - Research Paper ExampleThe paper tells that soil pollution is a precise critical health related issue. Both soil pollution and groundwater pollution adversely affect the health of humans, plants, and leatherneck life. Soil contamination can overly affect those who touch it. If we talk about groundwater pollution, we can say that it is even more dangerous because it directly affects human as well as marine life. Discharged water contains such substances, which are very harmful for the health of human beings. Before going to propose a site decontamination plan for the Derby Pride Park, let us get a brief overview of sources of contamination and some methods to decontaminate the contaminate sites. There are various sources of contamination production. These sources overwhelm food, dietary supplements which are very rare, drugs, industrial discharge from chemical industries, pesticides that come from farming areas, and various detergents and fertilizers. The potable water becomes wastewater after it gets contaminated with inwrought or synthetic microbiological compounds. Groundwater from the neighboring fields is also a source of contamination. Groundwater moves slowly and continuously through the open spaces in soil and rock. some other major source of contamination is those chemical processes, which are used to take out the required minerals from rocks because raw material containing the minerals is often stored in impure and contaminated surfaces, which results in contamination of minerals. So it is strictly advised to keep the surfaces clean on which the raw material is to be placed. Remediation Remediation means decontamination of the polluted sites. The process of

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Tuberculosis Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 8750 words

Tuberculosis - Dissertation ExampleTB is thus more fatal among children and interferon (IFN)-?-deficient individuals, who electrostatic lack granulomatous response (Mustafa et al 449). These are seen in Chest X-ray as lung lesions, and patients also experience muscle wasting (Verreck et al. 8). Pathological characteristics TB patients also have increased C-reactive protein (CRP), while decreased mean corpuscular volume (MCV) and mean corpuscular hemoglobin (MCH) were also observed (Verreck et al. 8). IL-10, trans dramatis personaeing growth part (TGF)-?, tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-?, and interferon (IFN)-? play various roles in the formation of tuberculous granulomas of TB patients. TNF-? is associated with activation of macrophages. This cytokine, together with IFN-?, enhances the bactericidal activity of monocytes and macrophages, recruitment of these tolerant cells, and subsequent formation of granulomas (Mustafa et al. 450). IFN-? is produced in response to IL-12 secretion, w hich is initiated by toll-like receptor (TLR)-2 activation.On the other hand, Il-10 and TGF-? antagonizes the action of TNF-? and IFN-? respectively, reducing the anti-mycobacterial immune response and allowing the growth of the pathogen within the host cells. In particular, IL-10 induces the macrophages to release soluble TNF- receptor type 2 (TNFR2), which couples with the cytokine to form an inactive TNF--TNFR2 complex. In this regard, a balance among these four is necessary in the optimal immune response against M. tuberculosis. M. tuberculosis is communicated through aerosols and inhaled bacilli. Upon phagocytosis by alveolar macrophages patrolling the lungs, the bacteria replicate within the host cell. Its survival lies in its ability to block phagosome maturation. Because of the intracellular disposition of infection, drugs developed against TB should be able to reach within cells (Feltcher, Sullivan and Braunstein 1582). After which, granuloma forms through the migration o f macrophages, lymphocytes and dendritic cells at the infection site. Among these cells, macrophages differentiate into epithelioid cells (EC), or fuse to form multinucleated giant cells (MGC), which is also known as Langhans giant cells. ECs have better mycobactericidal functions, as seen in their lesser antigen load. On the other hand, the TGF-?- and FasL-expressing MGCs contain more bacterial antigens, and thus allow bacterial growth. In addition, antigen-presenting cells (APCs) with heightened expression of FasL induce apoptosis in T lymphocytes during antigen presentation. Interestingly, ECs that contain mycobacterial antigens may resist apoptosis, and fuse to form MGCs. In contrast, ECs without mycobacteria undergo apoptosis. These findings show that M. tuberculosis cause inhibition of host cell apoptosis, and the MGCs cause death of antigen-specific T cells. By resisting apoptosis, viral antigens are non presented to immune cells, thus inhibiting recruitment and allowing per sistence of the lesion. Persistence of TB infection also partly results from the immune suppression caused by FasL-expressing MGCs (Mustafa et al. 450-454). Thus, despite presenting no clinical symptoms, M. tuberculosis are present in granulomas, and can later reactivate and cause disease (Feltcher, Sullivan and Braunstein 1582). Diagnosis The gold standard in diagnosing TB remains to be clinical examination, acid-fast bacilli staining of sputum and bacterial culture. Culture of M. tuberculosis

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The Decline of Our Sea- a Paper on Overfishing Essay Example for Free

The Decline of Our Sea- a Paper on Over look foring EssayThe Decline of Our Sea SCI 275 Environmental science Steve List-Instructor The fishermen across the world invest their lives into their boats and their men. They venture out into the open water and catch all that they arse. The fisherman k outrights that this is what all the other fishermen ar doing as healthful it is a survival of the fittest. The man with the most fish wins, they get the biggest check. The world is home to six billion people and there are not generous fish in the seas to feed the world. According to the video, there is a problem with overfishing and the ocean is being harvested of all its fish faster than it suffer repopulate. There are not enough fish left to allow this resource to thrive for our future. According to Scientist Jeremy Jackson, it is reversible there is nevertheless hope. Overfishing is not just fisheries taking fish from the sea although that is the larger part of it. Fisheries als o bycatch, which means they accidently catch other fish when fishing for certain species. Bycatching is causing depletion of other species and it is wasteful.Fisheries also harm habitats and pedagogy grounds by fishing and dragging equipment and nets. The fisheries create pollution as does the rest of the world, causing severe damage to our oceans. Climate changes also serve as an issue. Water temperatures are changing and causing damage to fragile ecosystems. All of these factors are taken into place as we create a externalise, and help repopulate and go aprospicient our oceans. We must sustain and maintain this resource for our future generations. My plan is to utilize a catch share system. This system has been studied for many years outright in the United States.This plan will help the fisheries, save jobs and help our oceans to provide for a great future. The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has researched the plan and stands asshole it to save the fish and the fisheries. F ishermen will be required to meet a conservation goal and will be accountable for what they catch. They will be allowed to fish in certain zones and catch a certain number of fish. With this plan in effect, the fisheries will be able to still fish and the resource roll in the hay replenish itself. It is a win-win situation for both parties.Fisherman may view the plan negatively, believing that they are being too restricting with a catch share plan. Fisheries call for money from what the catch, if they are limited it may mean less money for them now. The fishermen have to see the plan as a long term goal. The plan has already worked in the Gulf of Mexico according to the EDF. The plan was initiated for red snapper in January of 2007. Fisherman in that area are now able to fish year round for the first time in a decade, gaining 25% more in earnings and bycatch is down by 70%.Environmentalists will see the plan as a positive approach to saving our oceans. There will be fewer fisherme n on the water, because less pollution. The fishermen will have restrictions and limits on the number of fish they catch, therefore allowing replenishment of the fish naturally. This may be looked at negatively as closely there will be a decrease in jobs in the fisheries. Manpower will be reduced as less fish can be caught. As of now, over 200 million people worldwide are employed by fisheries.The environmentalists and the fisheries will need to work together to make the catch share plan work. The two must realize that it will not happen overnight and it will take time to reverse the effectuate we have caused. As the catch share plan is put in place we will work in zones allowing fisheries to catch and reduce bycatch, thus trim back the chances of eliminating other species of sea life. As time goes on, the fish will repopulate and harvesting can be opened a little more at a time. This plan will increase revenues for fisheries since certain fish are diminishing and will replenish later.The catch share plan will allow fisheries to retain open jobs will not be eliminated and communities worldwide can enjoy the nourishment of the catch. With the plan in effect the fish population can repopulate and communities can thrive on the additional earnings that large catches can bring in when zones are opened. People all over the world can still continue to apply for fishing licenses as leisure and can enjoy a wide range of fish species in their diet. With the catch share plan in place, we can keep fisheries open, create new jobs, and allow the fragile oceans to thrive.We can reverse the damage that we have caused on our ecosystem and make a oddment for generations to come. References Burnham, Katharine (2008). New Study Offers Viable Solution to Overfishing. Retrieved June 18, 2009, from http//www. edf. org/pressrelease. cfm? contentID=8458 Jeantheau, Mark (2005). Pretty Mermaids are Always Over Fishing for Compliments The Causes and Effects of Overfishing. Retrieve d June 19, 2009, from http//www. grinningplanet. com/2005/06-07/overfishing-article. htm

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Assessment learning Essay Example for Free

Assessment culture Essay1. What argon the functions, concepts and principles of legal opinion in erudition and development? (1. 1, 1. 2) The function of sound discretion is a way to measure a students competence against agreed measurings and criteria. The awarding body of the particular faculty go away take in an estimation strategy what entrust state which criteria wants to be met to complete the mandatory and optional units and the best order for acquiring the evidence. A range of methods entrust be used to judge whether a burndidate has demonstrated the skills, knowledge and bring ining to be in effect(p) against the criteria. The tax tax tax tax tax assessor ordain acquire to ask themselves if the appraisal service when put into cause leave behind be Fair the breakn(p) activities during discernment are germane(predicate) to the cornerstonedidates carrys and reasonable adjustments are made so non to disadvantage some(prenominal) soul. Reli able If the judging was carried out by a different assessor, in a different place, the results would be consistent. Valid the judicial decision is suitable to the qualification being assessed. Safe and manageable the assessor moldiness non put unnecessary demands on the view or their school colleagues in the place of occupation.Suitable for the campaigners needs before planning an estimation the assessor would need to take into account the candidates needs, their subject requirements and take into contemplation any prior learning, addition aloney, plan suitable methods to be used. The perspicacity cycle to ensure the bookman has met the achievement and knowledge criteria required to pass on the qualification achieved all aspects of the qualification successfully. The cycle will begin with the sign estimation which will establish any prior learning or experience of the subject to be taken and will identify single prentices needs.Further more(prenominal), diagnostic examinations can recognize if a savant has for instance, dyslexia. The second part of the cycle will be the assessment planning, where the assessor and learner agree on the methods to be used for evidence, set tar sign up dates and who will be subscribe tod, such(prenominal) as, work colleagues. Thirdly, the assessment activity will establish which methods to judge whether a candidate has demonstrated the skills, knowledge and understanding to achieve the required standard. The penultimate part of the cycle will be where the assessor makes a decision as to whether the standard has been met and provide feedback to the learner.Lastly, progress will be reviewed and any changes to the assessment activities can be made. The assessor will use a range of Benchmarking will be used to ensure the learners performance is on target against the accepted standard of the subject area. This data will contribute to the tincture assurance and development of best practice. 2. What is the role and responsibilities of the assessor? (1. 3) The role of the assessor is required to be competent and knowledgeable with the standards of the awarding body so they can explain the criteria to the candidate, thus the learner knows what they are operative towards.Subsequent to the assessment planning an initial assessment needs to prevail been carried out to identify any individual needs, prior learning, skills and knowledge the learner whitethorn cause. When planning the assessment the assessor should live with the pertinent instruction of where the learner whole kit and caboodle and what they do, this will ensure the correct units will be coered and correct methods are chosen. The assessor will use the assessment plan as a tool for assessing the learners competence and knowledge against the agreed criterion ensuring that it is fair, valid and reliable.The assessor essential(prenominal)iness clearly de chump all assessment decisions and show which criteria was met. Each cond ucted assessment will record achievements unblemishedly and any evidence provided by the learner must(prenominal) be canvass by the assessor to ensure it is authentic. To ensure confidentiality the training will be available to share with those with a legitimate interest. After the assessment the assessor will provide constructive feedback to the learner concerning their achievements as in short as possible and identify any gaps in the learners knowledge and skills. At this distributor point the candidate will either plan to be reassessed or progress ontothe next assessment.The assessor will be responsible to the nerve, occupational standards and awarding organisation when planning, managing and delivering assessment and must maintain good practice and happen legislation byout to maintain the integrity of the qualification. 3. Explain the regulations and requirements relevant to assessment in induce area of practice(1. 4, 3. 4, 3. 5, 8. 1) The assessor will be required to follow a range of policies and practises set by the regulatory bodies of standards, for example, Ofqual, Sector skills council, show of learning.Other regulations such as, health and pencil eraser, equivalence and diversity, data testimonial, risk assessment, etc will be reasoned below. It is the responsibility of the assessor to ensure that the above are carried out during the assessment process. For example, the assessor must abide by the health and safety rules of the candidates work place and report any unsafe practice or dangerous equipment. The need of wearing contraceptive clothing and safety shoes may be required. The assessor or internal verifier must only intervene with an assessment is if the health and safety is placing someone in danger.Under the management of health and safety at work regulation 1999, the assessor must assess the risks to prevent any uncivilised practices and locate information on who holds the first aid certificate and what the fire and emergen cy course of perform is. The assessor is responsible to carry out a risk assessment to safeguard the learner during assessment and establish any risks which may occur during the assessment activities in the work place. While there is everlastingly a possibility of risk in any every day occurrence, the assessor has a duty of care to notify of the risk and advice of the possible aftermath regarding safety.It is the assessors responsibility to ensure all documentary evidence is kept safe during outdoor(a) assessments and data kept secure. both assessor who works with vulnerable adults or children will be required to have a criminal records bureau check before being allowed to work in that occupational area. The check will identify any unsuitable person and must be used to protect and safe guard adults and children at risk. The disability favouritism act legislated that no disabled person should be discriminated against because of a disability, whether it is a physical or mental im pairment.In 2002 and 2005 the act was extended to include educational organisations. This meant that suitable provisions must be made for disabled persons to overcome any physical barriers and not be treated less favourably because of their disability. The initial assessment should clarify if the learner has any particular learning needs or disabilities to ensure equality and diversity needs are met. The assessor has a duty to ensure no learner is discriminated against everyone has an equal luck for learning and development.Assessment activities should reflect the diversity of the learner, for example, culture, talking to and ethnicity and not be biased to the person who produced them. Every person is entitled to learn in a safe environs, whether it be the assessor or learner. It is illegal to inflict corporal punishment on anyone and if restraint is required then it must follow the organisations strict guidelines on discipline. The copyright, Designs and Patents Act (1988) is one that the assessor should discuss with the learner at the start of the assessment process as it tinges to the authenticity of their own work and products.It is unlawful to use someone elses work as their own without referencing to the rightful owner, as this is plagiarism. The assessor must always ensure the learner signs and dates their own work, especially if it has been prepared on the computer for acknowledgement that they are the original owner. The assessor will have confidential information about their learners, such as, name, age, birth date on record and under the Data Protection Act all this information must be kept confidential and secure.If the information is kept on a computer, then it should be protected with a password that protects against other entering the system. If the information is paper based then it must be kept in a filing cabinet which is lockable. The learner can request to see any information held about them under The Freedom of Information Act 2002, so it is important to back up copies, if electronically stored in case of being deleted. The information should not be kept longer than necessary and the holder will need to register as a data user if the period is over 2 months.There may some occupational areas which require the candidate to wear a uniform, for example, a white tunic top if working in a restaurant or protective clothing, such as, reflective jacket, hard hat and safety boots if on a construction site. The assessor will need to dress in accordance with the health and safety regulations when doing an assessment in the work place with the learner. in one case the assessor has qualified they must register with the Institute for Learning and keep up with their continuing professional development.It is crucial that the assessor abide by the code of professional practice to ensure they are working to the aforementioned(prenominal) standard and not under achieving. If the former should happen then it could have a dramatic eff ect on the assessment centre quality assurance when the external verifier carries out an inspection visit twice a year. To ensure standards are being met and aver for certification is valid the external verifier will need to see a mixture of the candidates files and interview a variety of assessors.If the standards have been met and the external verifier is fit that the correct functions are being followed the centre will receive a grade of 1-2. Unfortunately if the centre receives a grade of 3-5 then there is a possibility that they could have the direct claim status and registration suspended until the matter is resolved. 4. Explain the strengths and limitations of at least 4 different assessment methods, devising reference to how each method can meet the needs of individual learners. (2. 1) ASSESSMENT METHOD Observation Strengths.The comment method is an excellent opportunity for the assessor to take a holistic accession during assessment benefits are the assessment is view ed by the assessor, thus the evidence is authentic, plus, cost and time sound. The holistic assessment can be time consuming so the assessor will need to plan the assessment so they can identify which learning outcomes from all units can be demonstrated at the same time. Knowledge based and performance based assessment can be linked with evidence which is natural occurring. The method meets a learners needs as they can carry on their normal work practice.If any prior learning evidence can be presented, such as a certificate or dish statement and/or a professional parole at the end of the assessment. Limitations It is necessary the assessor and candidate agree for a suitable time and place for the observation to take place. If the assessment is to be cost effective then the evidence must be collected during a busy time when the most evidence can be collected. If a visualise testimony is to be used the assessor must find a suitable person who has witnessed the learner do the task, this must be lay beforehand.The assessor must ensure that the candidate is confident sufficient to demonstrate their competence or else it could discourage them and waste time. The assessor must remain open minded throughout the observation and not offer advice or interfere even if they feel the candidate is doing something wrong. Assignments Strengths Assignments are an excellent opportunity for the learner to demonstrate knowledge and use research skills. The assignment can be set out so several aspects of qualification can be assessed. The learner needs are met as they are able to work at their own pace and in their own time.Limitations The learner must be had been taught all aspects of the syllabus beforehand. The assignment could be time consuming to write and may not be suitable to learners who have literacy difficulties, work full time or have families to support. The assessor must assess each assignment severally and provide written feedback. Witness Testimony Strengths T he witness can confirm competence or achievements of the learner as they will have observed them in their normal practice of work, someone who works with the candidate to confirm the learners competence in a certain area of criteria.The learner may feel more confident displaying skills in front of a colleague rather than being observed by the assessor. Witness statements are useful as they can fill in any gaps. The method would suit the needs of someone who is performing the task frequently. Limitations The assessor must ensure the suitability of the witness and that they are experienced in the occupational area, the assessor needs to confirm this by seeing evidence, such as a copy of their CV or certificates. The witness statement must be authentic and the assessor will need to check this.A witness cannot confirm the learners competence as they are not an assessor. Oral questions and answers Strengths The assessor could use questioning as a way to meet gaps in evidence questions co uld be commensurate to meet the criteria. A question could be used to increase the candidates thinking about a certain task rather than performing it. Furthermore, it compensates the assessor an incursion as to how much knowledge the candidate has in their occupational area. This method could be used during an observation or used later after the observation it would meet the needs of a learner who has difficulty with written English.The assessor would need to know the candidate understands what is being asked in the question or else the learner may struggle to answer correctly. Limitations The assessor would need to be careful not to ask closed or leading questions as this could be viewed as being subjective as the assessor could be putting words into the learners mouth. The most beneficial questions would be open, probing and hypothetical to get the most from knowledge and understanding of the learner. 5. What key factors do you need to consider when planning assessment? (3. 1) WHAT.The assessor will need to discuss and be in agreement with what criteria is being met and how it is being assessed and others involved. The assessor will need to talk about what the learners job role entails and how this is relevant to the unit in question. This will enable the assessor to plan and agree with the learner the types of evidence most suitable for demonstrating competence and the best methods for assessment to be used. The assessor must make sure the evidence is appropriate to meet the specified performance criteria and where possible knowledge to be assessed through performance or professional discussion or questioning.The assessor must ensure the learner is ready to demonstrate their competence and understands the processes involved, for example targets. WHEN The assessor and learner will need to agree when the assessment will take place and arrange a suitable date, time and duration when the most evidence can be collected and if the holistic approach could be us ed to obtain evidence. It would be beneficial for the assessor if the assessment took place during a busy period of learner work activity.However, the assessor must ensure the learner is not taken away from their duties for an unnecessary length of time or cause disruption to the business operations. WHERE The assessor Assessment would ideally take place in the learners work place as this where the most evidence can be collected. As the assessor will be entering the learners work place it is important to involve the employer in the planning process. However, for non-performance evidence it could be more cost effective to assess via Skype, email or to arrange a meeting in a suitable place of convenience, not necessarily the learners work place.HOW The learner will want to know how the assessment will take place and what will be involved during the assessment. The assessor will need to discuss and agree with the learner the most suitable method of assessment to collect the most eviden ce. The assessor must ensure the assessment is fair, unbiased and cost effective by making the best use of time if the learner is required to produce any prior evidence then this must be arranged in advance of the assessment. Holistic assessment in the learners work place would be beneficial for it is naturally occurring evidence.The assessor would use observation, witness testimony and professional discussion for performance evidence and multiple choice questions, verbal questioning and assignments for knowledge and understanding. The assessor will make a judgement on the evidence and decide whether the learner has demonstrated enough to meet the criteria or not. The assessor will need to arrange how and when feedback will be given to the learner to attend to any performance way outs. 6. Explain the benefits of holistic assessment and how you would plan for holistic assessment (3. 2).The assessor is responsible for ensuring that methods used during holistic assessment covers sever al aspects of the performance and knowledge criteria from different units. This will ensure the assessment is cost effective make evidence collection and demonstration of competence more efficient. The assessor would need to plan the assessment before it took place to ensure that any particular requirements of the learner are taken into account and the assessment is capable to meet their individual needs. For instance, holistic assessments will benefit learners who have dyslexia or literacy difficulties.Holistic observation can include oral questioning and minimize the add up of written work the learner has to do. Thus they are not excluded or disadvantaged by having learning difficulties. If the learner has a disability then the assessor should make sure the learner has extra time to complete the assessment tasks and is given any support needed. Moreover, any learner with difficulties are entitled to have reasonable adjustments made to ensure they have the equality of opportunity and support to enable them access assessment.Furthermore, if the learner has difficulties then the individual learning plan will agree short term targets for achievement, assessment strategies and review dates. The benefits of holistic assessment are that the assessor is able to observe the candidate at work in natural occurring situations. The candidate would be able to demonstrate several aspects of the qualification and cover more than one unit at the same time by taking a performance unit which incorporates parts of a knowledge unit.Holistic assessment should ideally take place in the learners work environment and the candidates job role should be discussed with to establish any prior learning they have, to identify which units could be covered at the same time. By doing this it would reduce the amount of visits needed to the candidates work place, make the best use of time and ensure the assessment is cost-effective. 7. Why is it important to involve the learner and others in the assessment process? (4. 1)A learner should be involved in the assessment process so they can understand wherefore they are doing assessment activities and the purpose of providing evidence of competence. The candidates involvement will enable them to remain motivated as they will have the opportunity to add their own input, analyse their own experience and understanding. Without support the learner could become confused and lack enthusiasm, but if others, such as the assessor and employer religious serviceed them to achieve their aim, it will give the learner self motivation and encourage them to remain positive through the assessment process.At some stage of the assessment process it may be necessary for someone other than the assessor to provide evidence of the learners competence in the work place. The witness must be known by the learner and experienced in the candidates occupational area, possibly a line manager. 8. Give examples of the types of information that should be made available to learners and others involved in the assessment process (4. 2) At the initial assessment the learner will have taken a skills test which is an analysis of the learners skills so they are aware of current skills and areas for development.The learner should be provided with all documentation they need for the award, such as, assessment plans, individual learning plans, feedback sheets, information on the company carrying out the assessment and the assessors contact enlarge, phone number and email address. Additionally, a copy of the distemper and appeal procedure, equality and diversity Policies, how to contact the assessor for cancelling visits and information on health and safety 9. What are the benefits of peer and self assessment? (4. 3).The benefits of peer and self assessment are the learner develops skills, such as listening, observing and questioning and has a greater involvement in their own learning process. The peer and learner can understand the role an d the need for assessment better. It allows for greater understanding of the criteria for achievement and how it is judged, thus, encouraging the individual to take responsibility for their own learning. The learner will develop uninflected skills and improve self awareness of strengths and weaknesses and identify opportunities for improvement.Furthermore, develop the ability not only to assess their own work but that of others, thus developing analytical skills and use reflective practice of their own performance. When a learner assesses their own progress and those of their peers, they will learn to take personal responsibility of how to make a decision and provide feedback as to why that decision was made. 10. How can assessment arrangements be adapted to meet the needs of individual learners? (4. 4).The learner is entitled to a fair assessment and the assessor needs to use the most relevant assessment methods for the learner to demonstrate their ability. The assessor must take into consideration that not all learners are the same and treat the candidate as an individual, taking into account any requirements they might have. For example, the assessor needs to consider a learners work pattern involved working shift patterns and agree a suitable time for assessment which does not disrupt working practice and make the most of the meeting.Furthermore, confidentiality issues must be taken into consideration and reflection of individual learning styles. If the learner has dyslexia, learning difficulties or English is the second language then the assessor must work with the learner to establish which method of assessment would be more beneficial to them. The assessor will need to interpolate the methods to keep the learner motivated and extra time given to learners who have difficulties and ensure the learner understands what is being said to them. Feedback should be given as soon as possible to ensure the learner remains interested and motivated.11. Explain how you judge evidence and make assessment decisions, making reference to the criteria and assessment requirements (5. 1, 5. 2) The assessment plan will need to be agreed by the assessor and learner to which assessment methods will be used to cover the entire criteria standard. The assessor needs to ensure that the assessment is valid, authentic, efficient, fair and reliable. At least four different methods would be used during assessments these could be observation, evidence of knowledge, witness statements and professional discussion.Any prior achievement and experience of the learner will be taken into account as long as it is relevant to assessment of their competence it would not be cost effective to have a candidate repeat an activity they had already acquired in the past. However the assessor must have induction that evidence is authentic by either asking for a copy of certificate or a witness statement and the evidence is current and relevant to the occupational standards. The assessor will review the evidence and assess it against the required elements of the qualification, it will allow for a decision to whether the candidate is competent or not yet competent.Competence can be awarded if the evidence is * Valid * Reliable * Sufficient * Authentic * Current * Safe The assessor must abide by the Equality Act 2010 to not discriminate or harass against protected characteristics where fairness might be compromised. 12. Explain the procedures for and importance of quality assurance and standardisation. (6. 1, 6. 2) eccentric assurance is important as it ensures the national standards are being maintained. The internal verification procedures will monitor equal opportunities and access the decisions made by the assessor are fair, valid and reliable.The internal verifier will use a range of methods to confirm that the assessment is meeting the requirements of awarding bodies. Methods used could be through observation, questioning, and professional discussion or sample the portfolio. It is vital that the assessor is assessing according to regulations and guidelines from awarding bodies, qualification and credit framework and keeps accurate records from assessments to create an audit hint for internal and external verification.To ensure all assessment decisions are consistent and fair the assessor will be encouraged to attend meetings with colleagues involved with the same subject and their internal verifier, to ensure they all understand the units they are assessing and looking for similar evidence. To compare assessment decisions and share good practice with colleagues will help the assessor to develop skills, up date knowledge and personal development. However, it is not compulsory to attend the meeting, the assessor could standardise their practice by reviewing standards and documents online. 13.Explain the appeals and complaints procedure (6. 3) The assessor should provide the learner with a written copy of the complaints and appeal procedure which meets the requirements of the awarding body and discuss this with them in the assessment planning session. If at any time during the assessment process the learner has a complaint or feels a decision the assessor has made is unfair to them, then the learner will know who to go to with their issue and how it will be followed up. However, before this stage is reached the assessor should encourage an informal discussion with the learner to see if the issue can be resolved.If the learner is not confident about discussing it with the assessor then it may be necessary to involve the internal verifier. However if the complaint or appeal remains unresolved then this must be put in writing to the chief executive who will look into and act within 5 working days. If the learner is still unsatisfied with the outcome then they can request the complaint or appeal is investigated by an freelance panel, which will consist of an independent assessor and internal verifier.The panel will investigate the appeal or complaint and notify of their decision within 14 working days. If at this stage the complaint or appeal has still not been rectified then the learner should contact the awarding body NCFE, whose details will be given once it has reached this stage. 14. Why is the management of information important? (7. 1) The assessor will need to ensure that any documentation acquired during the assessment process is following the national standards for assessment and verification and be aligned with the centre and awarding body policies.Each document must be accurate stating which assessment methods where used, whether, observation, oral or written. Furthermore, they must show that both candidate and assessor agreed to how the evidence will be obtained and the decision made as to whether it was achieved or not. It is essential that any document is signed, dated and stored correctly to ensure data protection and confidentiality. Other types of documentation could b e completed log books, action plans, feedback comments, learner records or anything which records the candidates achievement.It is imperative that the information is managed professionally as the assessor could find themselves in breach of laws and regulations, such as, data protection Act if they fail to comply. Failure to manage information correctly could result in having complaints and appeals made against the assessor and have a dramatic effect on the assessment centre quality assurance when the external verifier carries out an inspection visit twice a year.To ensure standards are being met and claim for certification is valid the external verifier will need to see a mixture of the candidates files and interview a variety of assessors. If the standards have been met and the external verifier is satisfied that the correct procedures are being followed the centre will receive a grade of 1-2. Unfortunately if the centre receives a grade of 3-5 then there is a possibility that they could have sanctions placed upon them and lose their direct claim status and registration suspended until the matter is resolved.15. Why should you give the learner feedback? (7. 2) Feedback is an important tool for learning and development and to improve performance and motivate the learner. The learner will have a better understanding of how they have progressed during assessments. After the assessor has carried out an assessment they would need to give feedback to the candidate as soon as possible by either verbal intercourse or written. If verbal is used via phone or face to face, then this must be backed up by a written copy.The assessor should include information about achievement in relation to the criteria and any comments should provide detailed advice on how to cover any gaps between current performance and the target aimed for. The candidate should be encouraged to ask questions regarding the feedback to help them understand how the assessor had reached their decision. This would also assist the assessor to reflect upon their role and evaluate if the assessment process was fair, valid and reliable and the assessment methods used was the most appropriate for the candidates needs.If the candidate did not meet the required standard then the assessor should give constructive feedback which would focus more on the activity or work produced rather than the candidate. Constructive feedback is part of a successful assessment as the learner will know what they have achieved or need to develop. Thus the learner will be encouraged to take more responsibility of their own learning development and deepen their understanding of the criteria. Feedback should be given on a 2. 1 scale, known as the sandwich approach.It should start with positive comments, then the areas which need to be improved lastly, the assessor should end the feedback on a positive to encourage the candidate to keep interested, motivated and confident. 16. What are the key policies and proced ures that relate to assessment? For example Bright delivery policy and NCFE policies and procedures etc. Give a brief explanation of what each one is. (8. 1) The assessor will need to follow policies and procedures additionally to those mentioned in question 3, for example Brights delivery policy states the following points Brights delivery policy sates the following pointsOnce the candidates deposit has been cleared and relevant paperwork is complete the candidate will receive their registration pack within 48hrs Following this the mentor will contact the candidate within 48 hours Mentors can be contacted mon fri 9am 6pm sat 10-1 Alternately leave a message and the mentor will contact the candidate within 4 hours Once all theory and practical assessments are complete candidates will receive their certificate. Under Brights delivery policy the following procedures relate to assessment Quality audit of completed Individual Learning Plans Quali.